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──Ancient O civilization

A long time ago────Ancient people were not only on the ground,

I lived in a city that made the earth float and floated in the sky.

The small islands that float here and there, and the airship that goes back and forth between the ground and the sky.

A thin transparent anti-gravity road that connects islands.

wrapped in light like a laser

An orphan robot that floats and automatically carries things.

never had a large population

A world without the concept of nations and without conflict.

existed so long ago

An advanced civilization is said to be the "Ancient O Civilization".

However, the ancient O civilization

It's called "Star Calamity"

It is said to have perished due to an unprecedented crisis,

Not only humans but also many life itself, including animals, lost their lives,

It is said that due to the collapse of the world, its civilization has declined to the point of nothing.

Even now that civilization has been destroyed, the "Claim of the Stars"

As a legend passed down in church lore

It's been talked about for a long time.

Even if civilization is completely destroyed

The few human beings were revived little by little in the world.

After so many years,

Even now, when a country was born and a new history was born,

The remnants and ruins of the ancient O civilization are still scattered around the world.

The Gormon ruins where "they" are now

They are the ruins of an ancient civilization that has fallen.

Who are "they"?

If you think common sense,

An excavation team or an adventurer who seeks to make a fortune by excavating ancient Odoriki?

Or maybe an archaeologist visiting to elucidate history.

But neither.

Who are they in the Gormon ruins now?

"Young Soldier" and "Princess".

Odon Empire 4th Independent Special Forces

Alfred Hawkman

The boy called Alf by his peers

A soldier who belongs to the Special Forces,

Alf points the tip of his dagger at the opponent.

the opponent is

Kingdom of Almeria, first princess

My name is Setina La Almeria

She, a princess, also points her rapier at Alf.

The air in the ruins is cold,

The sound of water droplets leaking from the moss-covered ceiling

It echoes in the basement room.

A princess from one country and an elite child soldier from another country

Facing hostility with the tip of the sword, there is a tense atmosphere.

Why are two people who are neither adventurers nor thieves?

Are you going to cross swords at the ruins of an ancient civilization?

This boy and girl who are the main characters of the story

She goes back four days to this day──────

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