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Episode 1 "Flag"

Northern Odon Empire Bal Research Institute──

A research institute located at the foot of a mountain range, north of the Imperial Capital.

There are three main buildings on the site.

However, pipes and scaffolding are intricately entwined so that they intersect with those buildings.

If modern humans see

I would definitely mistake it for a factory.

It is surrounded by a wide wall as if to surround such a jumbled building.

If it's the usual deep night, there's no sound and it's quiet.

But today was different.

The sound of explosions and the hoarse voices of the guards, just like on a battlefield,

And gunshots echo in the night sky.

Gunshot sounds like modern machine guns and pistols

Not a gun that explodes with gunpowder

A rare magic gun called an ether gun.

"Fuck! What the hell is this! "

With the tall building in the background,


A man who looks like a security guard holding a sword says slyly.

"What the hell are those guys...!?

"I mean, where did they invade!"

The Bal Institute is currently under attack by an armed group.

In this land that has nothing to do with battlefields

Suddenly a group of people hiding their faces with black cloth invaded,

I took hostage the staff of the few laboratories at night.

The guards stationed at the research institute are now

They are desperately fighting the enemy near the entrance.

"Do you know! You must be an anti-imperialist or something!

"He's even heavily armed with ether guns!"

The guard looks sideways, not in the direction of the main building,

Talk while looking at the building across the street from which the line of sight passes.

Even if you want to see the enemy, you can't.

If you want to show your face towards the main building even a little

The magic bullets of the ether gun immediately flew.

That magic gun doesn't have enough destructive power to break a wall

I don't want to see a big flame from the neck up.

In addition, there is one security guard in the building opposite,

and a wounded and unconscious fallen security guard.

"Damn... are the researchers okay..."

"Hey! Get down! ! "

At the same time as the guard on the other side shouted loudly

Something rolled into the road near the guards.

The guards who sensed that it was an explosive fell down.

Lightning fell from the sky on the thing that rolled on the road,

As if to provoke, the sound of an explosion reverberates in the night sky again────.

Contrary to the sound, the power was not so great,

The two guards by the wall didn't take much damage either.

However, black smoke billowed in, making visibility even worse.

Originally, if the guards were to be completely incapacitated,

The enemy is the royal road of tactics to fill this gap.

But they showed no sign of moving from the entrance of the main building,

I'm back in a mess again.

"Are you okay...? "

"Ah... it looks like you were aiming for the explosive ball with the thunder...

"Damn... my ears are ringing..."

Meanwhile, a signal soldier comes running to the security guard.

"Haa...haa...ho, a notice from headquarters!

"Start operations with reinforcements!"

"Support them as much as possible...!" That's what I'm talking about! 』

"... Reinforcements? where‥‥? "

The guard poked his head out from the wall again,

For a brief moment, I looked towards the main building.

comma seconds.

The security guard saw it for a few tenths of a second I barely saw it.

Amidst the billowing smoke, a large shadow appeared from the roof of the laboratory.

And after a while, a small shadow again

The two shadows falling down────.

One of the large shadows is in front of the laboratory door.

It landed like a fist on the back of a mysterious crew member.

And just after that, the little shadow

Rotate your rounded body up and down, extend your legs and kick the wall.

With the recoil, he rushed into another mysterious crew and blew the enemy away.

The three mysterious crew members who were restraining the guards in front with ether guns

Surprised by the sound of his friends blowing away, he turned around.

Standing in the shadows of fire and night

The "big blond man" and the "red-haired boy with the dagger".

In the blink of an eye, I realized that my friend had been killed

The three masked men held ether guns.

However, there is no way that a human who fought at a medium distance would be able to deal with sudden close combat.

A man with blond hair and a boy with red hair

I jumped in without a hitch and defeated three people one after another.

From the eastern wall surrounding the laboratory,

I was wary of another angle at a distance that I could see

People who seem to be comrades of armed forces notice something unusual.

"You guys! ! "

While readying the weapon with that voice

He runs towards the standing blond man and the red-haired boy.

From the run-up, the distance gets closer and closer.

However, just before entering the battle──

An arrow quietly pierces the route of the mysterious crew.

Around the feet of running terrorists

The arrow explodes like a chain,

This hit the foot of one of the terrorists.

Stop running to a sudden small explosion that can be said to be a surprise attack,

A frightened enemy's consciousness goes to the top.

The figure of a young man crouching from the top of a building and holding a bowgun.

They're friends with the big blond man and the red-haired boy.

Special processing to the arrow so that it explodes in time

It was his job to shoot at the ground.

Aiming for that slight gap,

The blond-haired man and the red-haired boy jumped in and ran

The masked people who were caught off guard

Helpless, I fell to the attack from the two.

Only 15 seconds after the two landed.

Eight militants who were at the entrance of the Bal Institute in just 15 seconds

They were rendered powerless with a surprise attack and coordination.

As they walked toward the entrance

The blond-haired man put his hand on the device in his ear and began to speak.

"This is from Black 1 to Black 2.

Plan A is over, and we will move to plan B as it is. "

From something like a communication device in my ear

A woman's voice was heard along with the noise.

(The... Zaza... This is Black 2, okay.

 4 hostages inside The number of criminal groups is unknown──

From now on, the count to Plan B is 300.

"Please move on to the next strategy." )

"Black 1 Understood. Black 3 by count 300

Outdoor vigilance while moving positions. 』

(Black 3, got it.)

With that said, I was holding a bowgun on the roof

A young man who seemed to be Black 3 started moving.

The blond man who called himself Black 1 turned around behind him,

He turned to the guards and yelled out.

"We are the Independent 4th Special Forces Flag!

"According to an emergency request from headquarters, we will carry out the operation!" Guard there!

"I'll leave the post-processing to these guys!!"

The blond-haired man once again turned to the entrance of Bal Research Institute,

He speaks to the red-haired boy in a small voice.

“We will begin the rush.

"Let's go Black 4."

"roger that. "

The red-haired boy called Black 4 replied in a low voice,

The two of them ran into the Bal Research Institute────

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