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Episode 13: Rumors of the Old Sargon Base 9

Unaware of what had happened, Collins stared at the sky where the monster was supposed to be, as if he had forgotten to close his mouth.

If that blackish flame, which could be called a mighty fireball, hit the human body, it would explode—a fireball with enough force to make one think of it hit the magic beast in the air, and its huge body was blown away to the rubble on the ground.

The impact, which could be described as the fall of a demonic beast, was transmitted through the ground to Michael's skin.

Collins looked back to where the fireball came from, as if she remembered something more important than seeing the fiery beast.

Collins' mouth, which he should have forgotten to close for a while, closed as he checked where she was looking.

Her cheeks naturally lifted, and she let out a small, sharp breath that she didn't even notice, and then Collins let out her voice quietly.

"……that's right……"

Collins gazes at the cavern on the second floor of the base, which has collapsed.

Between the black shadows in the room and the gentle light of the sunlight filtering through the trees, there was the figure of a boy with red hair.

His forehead was bleeding, his clothes and skin were torn in places, and he was breathing heavily through his shoulders.

Still, the boy was still standing on the battlefield, with his waist lowered and his whole body supporting his straight, smoking right hand, on a scaffold that was about to crumble and falling debris—

──── When Alf and the others were divided and hit by a feint attack on the tail by the demonic beast just before shooting the Fire Lance, Alf had not completely stopped shooting the Fire Lance.

Whether it was intuition or reflex, Alf himself didn't know if it was really the optimal solution, and Alf flew in the same direction as the tail came on the spot.

In order to reduce the impact even a little, he bends his knees and puts the soles of his feet on his tail, as if using the magic beast's tail attack to fly.

Originally, the tail would have struck directly from the side and the recoil would have crashed into the wall and turned into a mass of meat, but by blowing it away at a slightly upward angle, I succeeded in reducing the impact damage.

However, the true value of the talent that the boy named Alfred showed was in the method of avoiding collision damage to the wall after this.

As Alf collided with the second floor outer wall of Sargon Base, he aimed a fire lance between himself and the wall.

The fire lance itself has the properties of a small cannon, so Alf always lowers his back and shoots with his left hand supporting his right hand, but I intuitively think that it is still within the range of a fatal blow. I mixed in a little bit of wind (Airi) property change with just a little bit of conduction from my left hand.

When the fire lance is released, it amplifies the shock generated by the wind (Airi) to generate a shock to the opposite side.

As a result, he succeeded in avoiding a fatal injury by attenuating the impact.

The explosion caused by Alf's fire lance was the true identity of the explosion that Collins saw.

However, even though the damage caused by the ether itself of the Fire Lance that he shot does not damage himself, the accuracy of attenuation is perfect due to the physical explosion, the impact damage that cannot be killed, and the unfamiliar wind phenomenon manipulation. was far from

Alf was already covered in wounds and was barely conscious.

"Mr. Collins! Run!"

Collins said to Michael's voice, "Where? Without even questioning, I dropped the sword in his hand and ran straight to Alf while removing the armor on top of him.

"Red Mark (Roth)!"

A faint yellow light floats on Collins' body, and her muscles are strengthened, so she rushes in even faster.

Alf's final blow was like shooting a fireball at a demon beast with just his willpower to save Collins.

Naturally, Alf, who had been standing with only willpower, slowly closed his eyes, and when he fell forward, Alf fell from the second floor.

It may have been the fastest and ugliest run of her life for Collins.

I shouldn't have intended to become a security guard with such great ambitions, but that boy's back stabbed me in something.

At the very least, I want to be the one who helps him in the end—even if only for a little bit.

Collins jumped in vigorously, succeeded in catching the falling Alf, and when he hugged him, he landed as if his back was hitting the wall as if to protect Alf.

"No! But it's okay! Mr. Michael!"

While running slowly, Michael performed healing magic at the same time he arrived at Collins and the others while shining the tip of his Enchant Tact.


A warm converging light hits Alf as if the light of the moon had turned into a tiny crystal, and the wounds all over his body gradually disappear.

Recovery magic is said to super-accelerate healing cells.

Therefore, even if it can be treated immediately within the treatment range of natural recovery, it cannot compensate for the stamina physical strength necessary for recovery ─ ─

It didn't take long for Alf to wake up once the healing was over.

However, it was only a short time, but it felt long to the two of them, and Alf slowly opened his eyes in the meantime.


"Mr. Alf!"

Collins' expression that first appeared in Alf's field of vision was very desperate, and Michael took a slow, deep breath as if he had done so.

When he met Collins' eyes, his brows wrinkled, but he looked up as if to hide his face.


Collins' voice, still looking up, seemed to tremble, and Alf vaguely sensed that a drop of water was about to bring rain.

As Alf gradually regained consciousness, he cleared his guard, quickly regaining his composure, and stood up from Collins' side, staggering a little, as he began to check the situation.

"Who's the monster!?"

Collins rubbed her face as if wiping away the rain with his hands and began to speak.

"Oh, if it's a demon beast――"

── Roar.

For Collins, the sound was so despairing that time stopped and everything around her seemed black.

Looking in the direction of the familiar sound that made her ears hurt, there was a magical beast staring at her, even though her body parts were still burned by fire.

"... it's finally bad."

"……is not it"

Collins has no weapons or armor at her disposal, Michael is out of mana, and Alf is out of everything.

The situation is too reckless to expand the battle again.

However, Michael had doubts about the magic beast that didn't attack immediately even if he saw it.

(Why doesn't he move...? He can't move... then why bother roaring to intimidate him...? Is there still something going on?... That clever guy... clever?)

Michael looked around as if he noticed something.

When Alf and Michael arrived at this old Sargon base, they knew that visibility was poor due to fog.

──Because it was close to the sea, it was cold and damp, and I felt that my visibility was narrow due to the unusual ``fog''──

However, during the battle up until just now, he was completely unaware of the 'fog'.

However, the fog that had been reduced is getting a little thicker again.

A monster is a monster, even if it's a mutant. I've never touched that hand before.

If... if he's creating this fog with ether...

“Water (mist)!?”


As soon as Michael spoke out, the fog around the former Sargon base converged over Alf and the others, and countless small, solidified ice blocks attacked them like a blizzard.

In order to protect their eyes from the ice cracks, Alf and the others placed their arms in a flat cross shape in front of their faces to protect themselves――

However, it became an enemy.

The damage is simply painful.

However, when the ice cubes grazed their bodies, all parts of Alf's body were frozen due to the interference of ether's "phenomenon", and they were unable to move.

If you force it to move──

"Michael-san, Collins-san! I'll melt it with fire right now! It's hot, but please be patient!"

"No, Mr. Alf! Probably your mana—"

Alf panicked and tried to converge the ether on his fingertips, but as Michael said, Phi didn't activate.

And when Alf tried to forcefully activate the ether with his mana depleted, his pupils dilated and he was attacked by severe nausea and headache.

"Uh... Ah... Geho...! Oh..."

"Mr. Alf!"

Aiming at the struggling Alf and the others, the magic beast slowly walks towards us.

Perhaps Alf's mid-air blow was effective, and it was probably the last move for that magic beast as well.

I regret that I misread it again when I sensed it.

(Kuh... My hands are frozen and I can't move Auras...! Then...)

Michael immediately tries to melt his own ice with Phi, but the speed and accuracy of changing the nature of fire (Phi) is not as high as Alf.

He melts the ice one by one from his fingertips so that he can move the enchant tact called Auras, but--

(Not in time……!)

The magic beast stopped within the attack range of Alf and the others, and was about to make a final move.

I keep my eyes open and close my eyes, as if to say that I won.



Alf felt like he heard a voice from somewhere.

Convinced of victory, the magic beast slowly bends its tail.

By jumping up high and stomping on Alf and the others to kill them, this battle ends with a victory due to the magic beast.

And now, when the magic beast was about to jump up──

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