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Episode 16 Rumors of the Old Sargon Base 12

Since ancient times, fluidity has existed in all attack movements.

Especially when it comes to fighting as a short-range attack like Alf, the speed of the continuous attack itself, and instead of one pattern of continuous attacks, there are many options from the first move to the next second move, so there is no problem. .

It's not just about handling muscles, it's also possible to transform mana into ether between successive attacks, and to close the gaps by inserting what kind of phenomenon where in the body, and to create new changes in movement options.

Alf repeatedly swung his sword in order to optimize the base for continuous attacks.

His body was still heavy, but he continued to swing the sword for a while, just to make it bleed into his body, but suddenly he felt something like a murderous intent attacking him──


Alf sensed the presence of a flying object that should not have come from outside his field of vision.

His honed concentration caught the flying object with its presence, and with concentration that felt like slow motion, he turned around and caught the flying object as if launching it with a sword attack from below──


─ ─ Launching the dagger into the sky, the one that landed on the ground behind Alf, who was standing still like the afterglow of a sword attack, was a sheep doll with stitches that made a sound.

"Can we move now?"

Looking at the voice that spoke to Alf, Alf calmly breathed and answered.

"Haa... Haa... Your words don't match your actions, Jin."

In front of the door of the platform, Jin was leaning against his back, crossing his arms and looking at him with a slight smile――

──Jin filled a cup of warm Pitu tea, handed it to Alf, and sat down on the small step in front of the entrance.

"Can't you sleep?"

"Yeah, my body is heavy, but it seems like I'm still excited."


The two of them didn't look at each other, just staring straight at each other.

Jin and Alf often talked together, but sharing silence was a rare sight after Alf enlisted.

Jin began to look at the moon, Alf looked down and began to speak slowly.

“…For the first time, I thought I might die.


“I had a dream as a child desperately running away from something in the dark. It was like I was running from that day eight years ago, and I was still being chased.”

"... are you still worried?"

"I don't want to forget it, but no matter how much I hone my skills, my heart doesn't go so well."


"Is there such a thing with Jin?"

"Huh, come on."

The scenery that the two of them were sitting and looking at changed in places, but it was a scene they had seen many times, and it was a scene that many of their friends laughed and cried when they left.

Among those memories, there was also the figure of Alf, who was manipulating a sheep doll and fighting it with a wooden stick.

──The stitched and faded sheep doll is lying on the ground in the moonlit night.

“…Alf, do you remember when you applied for the army?”

"Of course I remember.

Eight years ago, on the day Guze and the others died, in front of the grave where they were having a funeral... right? ”

"You were crying so hard in front of the grave that you were going to enter the flag."

“…But Jin was the only one who objected.

"Oh yeah"

“I think that day was the first time I got really angry with Jin since he picked me up.”

“…Maybe so.


“I wonder why.

I can come up with any number of ways to stop him, but I couldn't come up with the words to stop a child who has made up his mind."

"Isn't that right? You grew up watching me, and Guze, who loved you, died in such a way.

I couldn't overturn your will. Then all I can do is raise you into a strong warrior who can withstand any adversity."


"Do you have any regrets?"


"At that time, I wish I had stopped you from applying to join the army, even if it was by force, and refused.

I should have been able to live a peaceful life without spending all my time in battles and missions like this."

"If it wasn't me who found you, but someone else—"

"I am grateful to Jin."

Surprised by Alf's interrupted words, Jin turned around and Alf looked straight at Jin.

“Jin picked me up, so I didn’t die on the side of the road. Because Jin protected me, I was able to protect Mr. Collins yesterday. '

Jin faced her again, put his hand over his mouth and stared into the distance.


"What's wrong Jin? You don't look like me."

"... That's right. Don't worry about it. Forget what I just said."

Jin stood up and checked the current time by looking in the direction of the moon.

"Well, I'm going to take another nap. I understand your feelings, but Alf should rest now."


With a cold cup in his hand, Jin quietly entered the platform.

Even though she was calm and composed, I wondered if she was worried about herself like a child. saw.

The buffer on the second floor of the platform and the window of Aki's private room, which should always be closed, were unusually slightly open.

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