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Episode 2 "Flag 2"

The faint light outside, and the wreckage of the broken ether lamp, gave off a faint bluish-green glow.

Even though it was dark inside, I could barely see what was where.

The large man and the red-haired boy who entered inside jumped into the pillars of the entrance that opened without exchanging a word, and they carefully put their backs on their backs and cautiously looked for signs inside.

With the communication count of 300 and the time limit, it is possible to see the high level of ability as an independent special force in the area where it is calm and wary of invisible enemies.

"I don't worry about the enemy."

The two speak as they emerge from the pillar.

"It seems so. But be vigilant.

"I don't know where the enemy is lurking." Be careful, Alf."

"Yes Captain"

The large man called the captain called the boy his real name, "Alf", not the code's "Black 4".

Despite being on an assault mission, he carries out his mission while caring about the child soldiers.

At first glance, it might seem like the kindness of a large man.

But that is not his nature.

Odon Empire Independent 4th Special Forces Commonly known as Flag Squad

Jin Douglas

Jin is a top-class soldier in the empire, and his high combat ability is an expert word.

He is calm and composed. and thorough rationalism.

His high level of combat ability and tactical command has earned him fame throughout the nations of the Celtia continent.

He currently belongs to the Flag Squad, code is Black 1.

and the red-haired boy soldier

Alfred Hawkman

The boy soldier Alf's calm demeanor that doesn't match his age is under the command of this Jin-Douglas.

Also, it may be a big factor that I studied under the expert Jin Douglas.

"Okay, let's go"

At the same time as Jin's words, the two begin to move, and the screen moves as if the light and darkness slowly fade away──


A red-haired boy soldier Alf who seems to have stopped there.

Only the fast-moving music is playing without changing the picture.

No, this is not a novel.

It's a fictional RPG.

Yes, in a role-playing game, if someone doesn't operate it, the main character, Alf, won't move and the story won't progress.

This is a fictional RPG.

The prologue of the story ends, and the game begins here.

And it became possible to operate the character, and probably the first move that everyone does

"Confirmation of the menu screen"

There were two characters in the party, Alf and Jin.

Alf's level is 1.

And Jin's level is 20.

From the high status of Jin Douglas, you can tell at a glance that he is a guest character, and many players will guess that the character Jin will leave the game.

And after looking through the list of menu commands—

Start by checking your skills.

Why do many people start with this skill confirmation action?

The reason is probably because many players make predictions about what kind of game system will be here.

In the skill items, you can see the items of arts, ether, and passive, check the skills of each character, and guess what kind of fighting character each character has.

When you close the menu after looking at all the commands such as status, equipment, and possessed items, you can see a magic circle that glows blue nearby.

Alf moved, and when he first touched the blue magic circle, a gentle blue light enveloped Alf.

Many people probably recognized it by sight and hearing.

This blue magic circle is a recovery point.

After confirming these things, we started walking around, also checking the operation.

Whether there are items on the shelf or not, whether the player is strict or sweet, and the game is convenient, and at this point the game is still in the tutorial stage.

The players strolled around, regardless of the 300-second count that Black 2 said in the communication, and Alf and the others obtained [Recovery Medicine] and [50G].

But many players wouldn't know.

In fact, if you proceed within 300 seconds of the count, you can get the [Fruit of Power] later as a hidden reward.

The fictitious RPG as a game has just begun──

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