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Episode 20: Almeria's bell rings for the obituary 4

The shadows of the flock of sea cranes run faintly over Sten's head.

With his rudder in one hand, Sten looked up, hiding his eyes from the sunlight with his arm, and sniffed his nose.

(It smells nice──The wind is in a good mood. ……It doesn't seem to be a problem for a while as it is.)

"Al! You can take a break for a while!"

Sten spoke loudly to Alf, who was looking ahead from the upper version.

Alf raised his arm, left and walked to Buffer in the bow.

"Buffa, take a break for a while."

“I could hear it—the sea is nice, I feel like it’s a man’s romance.”

He looks happy as he leans his elbow against the fence-like railing.

"Roman? I never thought of that."

"Al, you're a combat idiot. Well, that's what you're really good at. That's right, isn't it? Yesterday at the old Sargon base, I did this again... what do you mean? Did you catch it?"

Alf leaned against the handrail next to Buffer with his usual expression, while Buffer spoke happily while looking ahead.

"--I don't remember."

"sweet bean?"

“Both Michael and Collins said that my fire lance was the decisive blow.

He looked at Alf with a puzzled expression as if he was confused by the sudden learning.

"Puha! Are you a fool on the verge of death!? You're a battle fool!"

While saying so, Alf remembers the feint attack at the old Sargon base, while Buffer laughed loudly into the sky.

(At that time... I lost consciousness for just a moment.... For a moment?──Where from where?

Inside the base――I can't move my body well...I have to help Mr. Collins and the others...Hikari? Hands outstretched...)



"You're becoming a vice-captain."

"Ah... Haha..."

"Oi oi, please give me a break, if there are more weirdos, I'll be in trouble too, won't I?"


"Isn't that right? The captain is a famous ex-general, the vice-captain is a strategy maniac, and the members of the team at the same time are battle idiots. Because of the gathering of only weirdos, Flag makes me wonder if I'm weird."

"Is the buffer normal?"

"What? Are you trying to say that I'm weird too?"

Alf speaks while counting from his pinky finger.

“I can sleep anywhere.

"Oi oi, sell a fight—"

“But the bowgun arm is perfect.

Alf opens all his fingers and looks at Buffer.

He was always being hunted for words by Aki, and Buffer's eyes widened at Alf's unexpected answer.

Buffa turned away as if to hide her expression and spoke in a low voice as she pouted.

"……thank you"

After a few moments of silence, Buffer turns behind her, leaning her back and her elbows against the railing, looking up at the sky as she speaks.

"Ah. I guess I was right not to compete with you."

“…Come to think of it, you used to get stuck in the military academy, didn’t you?”

"Well, I don't know who this kid is, but he's just starting to get good grades one after another. I don't know, I'm not an enemy."

Buffer as if to speak the truth somewhat languidly.

"So, I heard about Elisha, who was in the same generation as you."

"To Ellie? What?"

"I wonder who Alfred is. Then he's an adopted son who was carefully brought up by 'that' great general Jin-Douglas.


"If it's a real child, it's still an adopted child. Does that mean that your abilities don't come from talent alone? So, rather than competing with you, I'm more interested in Captain Jin, who raised Al. I became

"So you want to join the Flag Squad?"

Buffer continues her story as she joins her own hands and raises her arms to stretch her stiff body.

"Well, I was also a kid in various ways, including that motive and everything."

"A kid... Buffer isn't that different from me, is he?"

"Ah? It's 22."


──Buffa grabbed Alf's neck with his arm and began to make a fuss.

Sten's eyes caught sight of children frolicking around him while he was at the helm.

(...what are they doing)

──On the other hand, in the cabin below, Jin is looking at the map at the desk and Aki is checking the cargo.

I can faintly hear the voices of the buffers making noise from the upper deck.

"... What the hell are those kids making a fuss about... just a word--"

"Leave me alone, I guess you're excited about your first departure."


Although he is looking at the map, Jin seems to be thinking deeply about something.

Jin's appearance seemed strange to Aki, and he chewed on the continuation of his words.

"Are you dissatisfied?"

"── Huh?"

“For the fact that the intelligence department came out of nowhere—”

"... I'd be lying if I said there wasn't any.

"Why do you think you're attracted to me?"

"It's a hunch."

"Really, don't say something like Alf, Aki."

"Oh, the person who was educated to cultivate intuition is the person in front of me now."

"That's right"

"Well, I'll tell Buffer to be quiet for now."


Saying that, Aki went up the stairs of the cabin.

(...I didn't deny it. It's true that the commander is caught up in something. The intelligence department? But I understand that the intelligence department will appear on this overseas mission. )

When Aki came out on deck, her pink hair fluttered in the sea breeze.

(...Then what?──Since when? After meeting Vice-Minister Conrad? Did he ask you to come back to government affairs? Well, I'm satisfied with that...)

Aki continues his consideration while walking on the deck to where Alf and the others are.

(Yesterday, when Alf, who was in the old Sargon base, was supposed to be the first to go to the rescue, he issued a temporary standby order to the flag. The commander felt uncomfortable. Was that an aim to raise Alf?)

"Deputy Chief?"


"What's wrong? What can I do for you?"

"Ah, yes. You guys are making too much noise. Especially Buffer."

"Oh, I'm sorry."

Alf and Buffer met their eyes and shared their doubts when they saw the mysterious Aki, who had gone around the deck again while thinking.

(Haa... I don't know if I think about it. I'll try to find out a little after this operation is over.... I hope there's nothing unpleasant.)

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