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Episode 22: Almeria's bell rings for the obituary 6

Unlike the relaxed, free silence from earlier, the members maintained a commanded silence.

Alf on his port side has his weapon in both hands, while Jin on his starboard side has his arms crossed and his eyes closed.

Buffer, located between the two, seems to be crouching and swinging, trying to quickly fix himself and the bowgun from multiple angles.

Sten was looking straight ahead, but for just a few seconds, he glanced down at the crew members on the deck and looked straight ahead again.

Sten turns his rudder strongly as if against a ship rocking in the waves—

──The depths of the dark sea. A world full of sounds.

"Something" passed through the dark sea one after another, penetrating through the unsettling low sounds of the water--

Contrary to the seabed, the sound of the hull creaking on the rudder, the sound of the waves, and the high-pitched sound of a slight breeze were mixed on the sea.

The clear sky was now covered with dark clouds, and a single drop of water fell onto Alf's forehead.

After realizing it was raining, Sten called out to Alf, who was worried about the weather and looked up.

"Don't worry, it shouldn't rain."


As if reacting to the rain slowly falling from the clouds, Jin also opened his eyes and muttered while facing forward.

"--I'm coming."


──Sole, who had been penetrating through the world of the sea, where there was almost no sound or light, headed towards the light on the surface of the sea that could be seen far above.

A trajectory like countless bubbles reflected in the water runs quickly, and when that "something" reaches the surface of the water──

The sea splashed with the sound of crashing waves.

A blue fin was reflected in the sea water that had been washed up, and it jumped high into the sky as it was, emitting a slightly ear-piercing cry.

"Al! Please!"

Buffer gave up the option of hitting the one that went up soon and followed the trajectory of its landing.

Sahagin, an aquatic fish that Sten mentioned, jumps up from the sea surface and descends onto the port side of the ship.

The body of the fish is covered with scales, and a crest stands on its back.

When Sahagin looked up, a large shadow covered his eyes. The identity of the shadow was Alfred.

Alf, who jumped back in with a short running run, used that momentum and stabbed Sahagin's face with the daggers in both his hands, which were tightly clenched by him.

Red blood spilled onto the deck from the pierced torso, and Sahagin was twitching and convulsing as if only his brain was still functioning.

Alf withdraws his dagger, holding Sahagin's torso under his foot, and Sahagin falls, realizing that his blow to the head has been fatal.

Even while looking sideways at the corpse Sahagin, who was still twitching and convulsing, when he saw his own bloody dagger, Alf turned his eyes away from the corpse.

From the back of Alf trying to return to his original position, two things, sea water and something that looks like Sahagin, also splashed up with a splash of water.

A single Sahagin reached its height, and when an arrow pierced it, it fell to the surface of the sea as if pushed out of range of the ship.

The other one descended directly at Alf with his mouth open to see his fangs, so Alf pulled his right arm holding his dagger to intercept it directly--

An unexpected gust of wind blew, and the hull shook violently.



The shaking broke the two of them in the battle on the unfamiliar ship.

Buffer did not match the target of the bowgun, and Alf was completely out of position to intercept.

Alf made a quick decision and stopped attacking with his pulled right arm.

After hurriedly adjusting his posture, Alf stepped in, and while seeing the bowgun arrow piercing Sahagin's forehead, he cut his torso in pursuit.

"Are you okay, Al?"

"Yeah, thanks."

"Ship battles."

“Does this kind of thing happen in naval battles?”

"Don't do it, you guys! The gusts from earlier will blow several times from here!"

"Oi oi, are you lying?"

"That's exactly what I was aiming for! That's why I came all the way to this place! Raise the sails! That wind is the wind that blows on the horn! Take advantage of the wind and leave this area at once!"

"Alf, sail. Continue to intercept with Buffer. Be careful not to hit the sail. After that, Alf and I will deploy to the port starboard corner. Buffer will change points next to Mr. Sten."

"── Understood!"

As Alf approaches the buffer to hold the ropes to spread the sails across his wings, a steady stream of water splashes up from the water on the starboard side where Jin is—

"Tch, this time it's three!"

Shoot down one Sahagin with a bowgun, and the remaining two Sahagin swing onto the ship.

Jin lowered his hips and pushed out his right hand from a stance with his right half pulled back, and an invisible impact knocked Sahagin away. was also pushed overboard.

Pokan and Buffer laughed thinly at that overwhelming response like the corpse of Sahagin who had just died.

"Haha... amazing"

"It's not ether. It's just a bullet."

When Alf pulled the sail rope and headed for the port corner, a Sahagin with only the upper half of its body floated out of the seawater and looked at us.

He was horrified at Sahagin, who was looking at him as he hooked the rope on the port side.

(Sahagin... are you looking at me...?

When Sahagin opened his mouth, a light blue light converged on his mouth──

──While Buffa and Jin were watching out for Sahagin, something exploded in the sea behind the port side.

Sensing this, Jin and Buffer looked to see if something had happened, and found smoke rising from Alf's fingertips, recognizing that Alf had used Fila Lance.

"Oi oi Alf! Magic is..."

"Captain! I'm sorry, it was a rash decision! Sahagin, who was on the surface of the water, was aiming at the ship with ether!"

"What? Tch... Irregular (special individual) huh... position change! I'll be on the port side buffer until the sail setup is complete! Destroy the individual seen on the surface of the sea with priority!"

"── Understood!"

"Hurry up Al!"

──Jin and Buffa were wary of the Sahagin that appeared at sea, and bought time by defeating them one after another.

Thanks to that, Alf was able to fix the mast sail to full force and called out to Sten.

"Mr. Sten!"

"Well done! When the next gust comes, accelerate at once! Don't get blown away at that time!"

Buffer's arrow pierced Sahagin's forehead on the surface of the sea, and a gust of wind blew again to the extent that his body seemed to be blown away.


"Here it is!"

Sten steered the large rudder exactly where it was supposed to be, and at that moment the ship accelerated to the point that everyone thought it had lifted.

It should have been common sense to resist if a strong wind blew, but for Alf and Buffer, it was a valuable first experience for Alf and Buffer to have a gust of wind turn into a tailwind.

"Huh! Awesome!!"

Buffer looks back behind her happily.

Sahagin and the others, who had been splashed by the water many times until just now, had no choice but to dive into the sea again because the ship that should have fallen was far ahead when they themselves were washed up.

Alf approached Sten saying that he had overcome the crisis, and with a faint smile on his face, he quietly held out his hand to Sten. I tapped his right hand—

And the party was able to arrive at the Almerian Territory Horn Coast. But--

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