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Episode 3 "Flag 3"

Alf and Jin quietly and quickly advanced through the corridors of the main building of the Bal Research Institute.

If you go straight ahead and take the exit that will be on your left, you will find a connecting passageway to the West Building.

First of all, they head there and run straight and quietly.

Then all of a sudden… two humans suddenly came into view from the corner of a curved passage, as if they were looking around or something… masked people.

One of them had his hand on his ear, but after just a moment, he was surprised to see Alf and the others, and immediately took a stance.

Similarly, Alf and Jin showed their stance once before entering a state of engagement.

This little, just a little bit of the same "momentary moment".

However, it was a "ma" with a completely different meaning for each other.

In the first place, on the flag side, this instant had the merit of a "surprise attack''.

But filling in the gaps should detract from that advantage.

But they abandoned that choice and launched an offensive between fair.


That's what I made the masked guys say--


Aiming for the place where Alf and Jin quickly jump into the enemy, the camera quickly zooms in, and the sound of the start of the battle is heard.

However, the music does not change, and the BGM at the event continues to be heard.

The first battle--the so-called tutorial battle.

On the right side of the screen is a vertical dot picture of Alf holding two daggers and Jin poised majestically.

Alf HP 60/60 EP10 SP15

Jin HP 750/750 EP60 SP10

Their status is displayed in the lower right, starting in front of Alf

"Attack, Arts, Ether, Defense, Tools, Escape"

A command to enter was displayed.

However, Arts and Ether are displayed dimly and can't be selected now.

I choose to attack Alf and Jin as a test.

As soon as you finish entering the command, Jin jumps in front of the enemy and hits the enemy with one shot, dealing 125 damage.

As soon as he replaced Jin, Alf dived in and dealt 8 damage twice at the same time as the motion of cutting the enemy with a dagger.

Many players will find the combat to be fun because the combat speed is quite fast and the dagger attacks twice.

On the next turn, he repeatedly attacked and won safely, but there was no victory fanfare sound peculiar to the game.

Alf and the others got 8 experience points and 5 gold────


Alf instantly jumps into the opponent's bosom due to its lightness.

The masked person who couldn't keep up with the speed was hit with his sword in the second attack, and Alf took advantage of that opportunity to kick him in the stomach.

When the fallen masked figure looked up, a dagger slash was pointed at him.

In the dim surroundings, a boy soldier who remains young but does not change a single expression.

The masked figure felt fear at that gaze.

Alf held his dagger in reverse and struck him in the head with his hilt, knocking the masked figure unconscious.

On the other hand, another masked person was knocked down by a blow from the palm of Jin's palm earlier than Alf.

When he collapsed due to the impact, the unfamiliar communication device attached to the masked person's ear rolled on the ground.

It's an ether communication device that's different from the one used by Flag Squad.

Noise and faint sounds can be heard from the communicator.


It seems that the rest of the mana reacting to the communication device ran out, and the noise of the putsun disappeared.

A communicator can only send words when both parties in the call send their own mana into the communicator itself.

It seems to be the voice of a friend of the masked party.

"Okay, you noticed. Now the enemy's vigilance is here."

Alf silently nodded when he saw Jin saying that.

That's because Alf also understood that the awareness of vigilance would come this way.

The two began moving again, quietly running through the main building of Bal Labs and out into the corridor outside.

It is still dark at night, but you can see that many materials are placed.

External passageway on the road.

And the West Wing, where the hostages and the ringleaders of the masked armed group will be.

From here, unlike the main building, you can see that the light of the ether light is lit.

They also intercepted the masked people who were lying in wait in the outer passageway, passed further through the crowded buildings, and ran through to the entrance to the West Wing──

A large shadow jumps and attacks the two.

Alf and Jin dodged left and right to keep their distance from each other, and immediately lowered their center of gravity and assumed a battle stance.

The thing they saw was clearly neither a monster nor the technology of this era.

At the center of the visible flow of energy, something like a core emits a faint light.

An object with a metal-like structure moves in the shape of a person as if to protect them.

“O-doriki golem huh… I’ve even prepared something unusual.

The two moved diagonally to each other while maintaining a distance from the golem, and took a position to sandwich the orbal golem.

Jin jumps in and launches an offensive────


When you enter the battle screen, a conversation event will occur from Jin.

"Alf, continue the check with attacks.

"If you can see his core, use that opportunity to attack with arts."

By repeating attacks and taking damage again, Alf and Jin's SP numbers, which had been low until now, increased.

After continuously attacking for about 2 turns, the graphics changed to reveal the core of the orbal golem.

At the same time, the text of the tutorial is displayed in the center.

About combat tutorial arts

Arts are techniques that consume SP (stamina points).

SP will increase little by little depending on your actions and damage taken during battle.

There are skills and items that increase the SP gauge, but it will decrease if you recover with magic.

For the first time, command arts can be selected.

Alf's art "Killing Edge" and Jin's art "Aura Shock"

If you choose those, Alf was supposed to use the arts... but due to a random number in the game, Jin, not Alf, took a stance to prepare himself one step ahead.

Jin jumped in front of the enemy and unleashed 3 consecutive attacks, dealing 380 damage in a row.

The orphan golem crumbled and disappeared with the sound of a mountain collapsing due to its destructive power.

It goes without saying that Alf's arts could not be used because Jin's damage was too high.

It seems that this is the end of the combat tutorial──


The orbal golem exploded and its wreckage scattered everywhere.

A small current remained from the core that was emitting energy.

"Well done Alf"

While Alf is out of breath, he looks at Jin worriedly about the 300 count.

“There is no problem.

"Otherwise, Aki will be noisy again." ”

While Alf smiled a little at Jin's words,

As it was, the two of them quickly ran into the west building of the research institute.

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