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Episode 6 "Rumors of the Old Sargon Base 2"

"You're all set."

Alf and the others were waiting for Jin in the backyard of the safe house.

The fact that Flag's home itself is far from the center of Sargon Street and that it is located on a small hill makes it possible for small-scale training behind the home.

Only in the backyard, there are overwhelmingly few weeds compared to the rest of the ground, and this may be the result of many people moving around here for a long time, and giving up that even if weeds grow in this area, it is a waste of life. do not have.

As an aside, on the pillar behind the house, there is a trace of a thinly carved "Yes" written in small, ugly letters.

Jin, who walked from the house while looking at the faces of the three, released the first sound when he reached the position.

"Okay, I'm going to start basic magic training from now on--buffer. First, try saying the magic of the nature conversion system."

"Huh? Well... fire (phi), water (mist), wind (airi), thunder (regi), earth (stall), light (ray), and darkness (void)."

She answered while counting on her buffer fingers.

This attribute called property conversion magic is commonly used as a word that expresses time, and even children know it, but the sudden name and the obvious question made me wonder if there was something behind it. Was.

"That's right. Then what about property conversion magic to activate the ether communication device that we flags and signal soldiers use for medium-range communication?"

"It's about changing the nature of the wind (Airi). Well, it's a required skill for graduating from a military school."

"That's right--then next is Aki.

What happens if you send an ether that has undergone a property change other than wind (air) through an ether communication device? ”

"Of course, the communication device will break, it shouldn't be structured like that, and above all, there's the danger of an accidental explosion.

Ears and flags will be out of your budget on days when you accidentally add water (mist) without taking countermeasures against ether.

So, in order to prevent that, Chateau, which manufactures communication devices, seems to use materials that block ether other than wind, but well, it's just a comfort."

"That's right. That's why we've banned the use of long-distance magic during combat using communication devices.

But that doesn't mean you don't have a chance not to use magic itself, right? ”

"You're right"

“That’s the first thing—let’s get back to talking about the communication device.

Alf, try to answer the difference between ``Magic and Magic'' and ``Mana and Ether''.

"Magic is the process, magic is the result.

Mana and Ether...if I had to say it, mana would be the price, and ether would be the product? ”

“I see… it’s strange to think of it in terms of currency, Alf.

Try firing your signature fire lance at that scarecrow, voicing the whole process. ”

"Eh... Ah, yes"

Alf took a step forward, took a deep breath in and out, concentrated, and raised his right hand to the sky.

"First, with the mana in the body... interfering with the ether in the atmosphere... transforming the ether into fire."

Alf's hair sways a little, and Alf's right arm is gathering red firefly-like light.

Alf himself didn't feel the heat from the red light, but the other members felt the warmth of the light and took a step back.

The converging red firefly-like light turned into a flame that could be covered with both hands, and the ether was able to transform into fire (phi).

“Next is the phenomenon of magic… activating the movement system magic 『Forward (Freon)』 using the mana in your body…”

Bending his knees lowered his center of gravity and stretched his flame-clad right hand straight out in front of him.

He grabbed his right arm with his left hand in a polite motion, concentrating as if to transmit the mana inside his body from his left hand to his right.

"I'm coming... Fire Lance!"

Along with that cry, I weakly stepped on his front foot, and in an instant, a wave that seemed to be conducting something from Alf's left hand to the whole body resounded like a ripple.

At the same time that Alf's hair jumped up due to the transmission of the wave motion, Alf's right arm fired a flame bullet at Kakashi like it could burst.

Alf's flames collided with great force, hitting the scarecrow directly, and the scarecrow, which was not a living creature and had no ether resistance, began to burn.

Buffer blows a whistling whistle and Aki looks quietly.

Immediately after that, Jin, who was watching her with his arms crossed, moved slightly.


As Jin said so, a small light blue light scattered from his left hand.

Then, a small amount of water rains down from directly above the scarecrow in a small area, extinguishing the scarecrow's flames.


While everyone was surprised at the speed and accuracy of Jin's water magic magic process, Jin calmly asked Alf.

“How is it, Alf, was there any difference from the previous fire lance sense?”

“…If I had to say it, I should have used mana, but only the fire lance was more tired than usual…maybe.”

“Well, the properties of mana are similar to those of muscles, in other words, the more you use it, the more it grows, and the more you don’t use it, the lower its performance.

This is the second reason buffer

"Huh? Why am I here?"

"Hmm, I wonder why? Then Aki, the last question. Why do you think it's a buffer?"

"I think it's probably because only Buffer was making a face like 'Why are you training now?'"



“In the future, we will improve our ability and accuracy with the dual use of magic and communication devices in mind. Do you understand the purpose?

I'm going to start with the training of the property conversion magic of five elements other than yoshi light (rei) and darkness (void). Everyone starts with fire."



Alf is ether magic

Now you can use fire lance──


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