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Episode 7 "Rumors of the Old Sargon Base 3"

At Flag's platform, magic training continued without a break, with Buffer sprawled on the ground and Aki sitting and breathing.

Alf, who had maintained the fire for longer than the other two, also ran out of mana, and when the flame in his right hand went out, he let out a big sigh as if he had been holding his breath for a long time and put his hands on the ground and exhausted himself. rice field.

While the three of them took their breaths, Gin also looked at the members and maintained the property transformation of the soil (stall), but at the same time that Alf ran out of strength, the ocher light faded out.

"That's it, everyone can go to rest.

Alf, you can start your preparations after you take your breath away.


Jin left for the entrance of the house.

It was as if his back had somehow spilled a small smile.

"Phew... I'm so tired of you both.

Alf, I've put together a certain amount of things to buy, so you don't have to rush, just like the captain said.

……Hey, how long is Buffer going to be lying down?”

"Please excuse me... I'm shooting magic bullets on a mission today..."

"I'm not even a combat personnel in the first place, but..."

"Hold on... don't pull..."

Buffers also entered the house as if pulled by Aki.

Ether basic transformation magic.

It's common to develop skills in attributes other than light and darkness, and the only people who can handle multiple attributes properly are those who make a living out of magic.

It's not because of the difficulty of attribute conversion, it's because magic that causes phenomena such as advance (furon) and restraint (taura) using attribute conversion is extremely difficult.

Accuracy and skill are essential as multiple phenomena are involved in multiple attributes.

The exception to light and darkness is the high level of talent and expertise in dealing with light (ray).

Besides, light recovery magic is not a convenient thing that can cure anything, and it has the disadvantage of ``it speeds up the treatment, and the person who is cast on it consumes the physical strength corresponding to the treatment''.

And it is common sense that darkness (void) is something used by magical beasts and not magic that is used by living things.

It is known to be used by monsters such as the undead, but it is not used by humans──

Alf lay on his back and quietly looked at the sky while catching his breath.

Even though it was on the outskirts of town, the sun shined on him in the quiet sky, and when he placed his left arm on his forehead to hide his glare, he suddenly heard the clear sound of the wind.

It was as if yesterday's tension was a lie.

While holding his breath, he put his hand in the sky as if he was concentrating on something, and while concentrating just a little bit, Alf tried to change his nature with his fingertips──


Surprised, only his upper body jumped up, and Alf looked at the person who called out to him.

A buffer is walking from behind the pillars of the platform.

"Sorry, did I startle you?"

Alf looked puzzled for a moment, but he immediately asked Buffer with a soft smile.

"No, not at all. What's wrong, Buffer?"

"I added one to the shopping list, but since it's a personal one, I thought I'd give it to you first."

Buffer handed 10 Gold to Alf.

"Then don't ask."


At the bottom of the note for Alf on House's table was "Daily Walter Correspondence."

──A little before the hour of Sat (Stoll), Alf, who had changed into his plain clothes, left the platform with Jin and walked towards the center of Sargon Street.

Residents walking past each other, children playing soldiers.

"It's peaceful. It's like that's a lie."

Scattered corpses giving off burning rubble and the stench of death.

It has become a city that has been restored to such an extent that it is hard to believe that it is part of the place where such a scene of despair once existed, and that gives a sense of peace.

Jin still remembers the scene from the Akataka Incident 14 years ago.

"It's a good thing, peace is the best."

"... that's right"

Jin, who seemed to have something on his mind, was not looking at the landscape, but remembering the day Alf volunteered for the army.

"what happened?"

"No. I think it's a very negative idea, even though I've shaken off the restraint and joined the army triumphantly."

“I’m just positive about peace.

They are proactive everywhere.”

"That's right. But if it's too peaceful, we'll end up getting lost in the streets, won't we?"

"If that happens, you should open a shop and live quietly."

"Huh... The road to opening is endless. Oops... Is Alf the general store there?"

"Yeah, are you coming back today?"

"Come on. Apparently I'm not the only guest.

If you can't return, I'll tell the signal officer to report to the home."

"roger that"

After parting from Jin, Alf opened the door to the general store and read through the notes Aki had given him inside.

(Umm, the things I buy are...potions, orbal replenishment bottles, bread, orba meat...sipter tool wires...

And for Daily Walter...that's quite a lot...)

The regular Odong Guard Army is supplied with supplies and all fixed equipment from headquarters, but supplies are limited for units that move independently and urgently like Flag.

Since it is necessary to independently procure the supplies within the budget supplied, the necessary supplies are purchased under Aki's management.

"There is Maido!"

Along with the general store owner's loud shout, the door of the general store rang and Alf walked outside.

Even though I was carrying so many miscellaneous goods that I couldn't see Alf's face on the way, I put my luggage down on a street corner and took a break.

"Buffer... this is what it's like..."

Then I heard the voices of the security guards chatting away in the back street of the street corner.

"Hey, do you know? Rumors of Ruins."

"Ah, you're talking about monsters appearing in the old Sargon frontline base, right?"

"It seems that it's still at the rumor level. Just in case, a reconnaissance team was organized from our house."

"Ugh... even though it was originally our base, it's kind of creepy there..."

“I understand how you feel.

"Most of them aren't monsters, they're ghosts that can't reach heaven..."

(A monster in the old Sargon base...?)

While slightly concerned, Alf once again carried a large amount of luggage and walked towards the platform where the sun was setting.

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