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Episode 8 "Rumors of the Old Sargon Base 4"

When Alf arrived in front of the grounds of the platform, there was a man sleeping with his head down while sitting on the stairs of about three steps on the grounds.


Are you really tired or are you having a delicious dream? Drooling from his mouth, he is sleeping comfortably.

Alf let out a small sigh as if he had come up with something, and quietly placed a long green vegetable called 'negi' in his hand from the luggage he had bought.

Take a deep breath, clap your hands and pan!

"Now! Black 3!"

Even though he was half asleep, Buffer, who reflexively assumed that the vegetables were bowguns, immediately set up his stance and tried to take a prone position for sniping――

(... What? Negi?)

However, because it was a staircase, he immediately lost his balance and tried to land well in a hurry, but Buffer plunged into the bushes next to the stairs and Alf successfully caught the vegetables floating in the air.


"Good morning buffer"


“Didn’t the Vice-Commander actually tell you to help me?”

"... I was thinking of going if I skipped a bit..."

“I hope I don’t get yelled at by the vice-captain again.”

"... do you want to bet?"

"Don't you think you can win?"

"10 gold for being angry"

"10 gold for being angry"

The two of them laughed as they carried their luggage and entered the platform.

A bell rang as the door to the house opened, and Alf and Buffa went inside the platform and put their bags on the table.

Aki comes out of a private room on the second floor and welcomes Alf and the others.

"I'm home, vice president."

“Both of you are very sorry, it was a lot of food, wasn’t it?”

"Fu, I'm tired..."

Aki looked at Buffer, who pretended to be tired.


Aki approached Buffer as if his glasses were flashing and stared at him.

"What is it, vice-captain?"

“Didn’t I tell you? I have a lot of luggage, so go after Alf and help me out.

I was going to skip a little bit in front of the house, but I fell asleep and before I knew it, Alf had come back. What a place."



"At least from now on, wipe off the drool properly before cheating."

"Ah, that's right, vice-captain. If the commander can't return, he'll send a message."


Well, let's have dinner and rest first."

"Understood. Orba meat was cheap today, so let's make Orba meat stew."

"Oh, that's nice, Alf-sama's special dish!"

"Don't rely on Alf all the time, help yourself."

"Hey hey!"


Meanwhile, at that time... Jin visited the mansion of Vice-Minister Conrad in the middle of Sargon Street.

The mansions of important people such as feudal lords that existed 14 years ago disappeared without a trace in the Akataka Incident, and one of the mansions was newly built.

"Jin-sama, I'm glad you're doing well."

“Konrad-dono is also above all else.

"Don't do that. Please call me Conrad like you used to."

“There is also the matter of mutual positions.

“I am very happy that you are concerned about me.

"Fu... I see, he's still a serious guy."

“If you ask me, Jin-sama is returning from a mission from Central.

The majestic figure of commanding the front line doesn't seem to change no matter how old you are... Well, I'm preparing a meal. This way"

"So, it seems there are other guests today?"

"Yes. More importantly, the guests have something to say to Jin-sama."

(Now then... I can't even consider it if it's more than one...)

"This is the room. Mr. Jin-Douglas of the flag team has come."

When I opened the door to the private room, I saw two people sitting on chairs—

"You are..."


The next morning, the bells of the towering clock tower in the city of Sargon ring.

The day of many people begins with announcing the time of thunder (regi) throughout the city.

Members sparsely descend from the private room of the flag house to the first floor.

“Good morning, Buffer.


"Good morning Alf, it's okay, it's always up to you. Sometimes even if you sleep until the very end, you won't get hit."

"Huh? The captain didn't come back after all?"

"Yeah, I got a message from the signal man last night. He didn't say when he'd be back."

“Does that mean you have to wait until then?”

"Hmm, that's right. Shall we wait inside the home?"

"Okay, that's right Buffer. Have you read the Daily Walter I bought for you yet?"

"No, I'm asleep and haven't read it yet."

"Well, when you've finished reading it, lend it to me later."

"Oh, that's fine. I'll read it after dinner, so can I do it after that?"


As he ate his breakfast of bread and leftover stew from yesterday, Alf talked about yesterday as if it came to mind.

"Speaking of which, do you two know about the old Sargon base?"

"Rumor? What is it?"

"I've never heard of that either. Where did you hear that?"

"I overheard the guards chatting yesterday.

Apparently, there was information about a monster appearing in the old Sargon base, and a reconnaissance team was formed from the guards."

"In the old Sargon base? Until 14 years ago, it was a fortress for national defense, but after the Akataka Incident, it's been nothing but ruins, right?

Well, it's strange even if there's a demonic beast──

Suddenly, a small bell rang "three times" inside the house.

At the same time as the sound, the three looked at the destination as if they were nervous.

"Level 3... an emergency request call...!?"

The communication content of flags is roughly classified by the number of times the bell is set on the communication device.

Aki picks up the fixed communication device in the house and starts talking to the caller who called, while Alf and Buffer stand and watch Aki quietly.

"Yes... yes... eh..."

After listening to the general story, Aki hung up and started talking with a serious face.

"...Old Sargon's monster, it seems that it actually existed.

It seems that the whereabouts of the reconnaissance team that Alf mentioned earlier is unknown."

"So you have an urgent request? But the flag is..."

"That's right, Vice Commander. We're supposed to be an anti-personnel unit, aren't we?"

"...That's right. We, Flag, are a team that specializes in and demonstrates its ability to execute only one point against humans.

Putting Alf and the captain aside, Buffer is not only unprofessional, but it could even become a hindrance for me.」

"Why are you still talking about it? Throw something to the Adventurer's Guild."

"Well, isn't this a place called Mentsu?"

"Kahhhhh! The guys at the headquarters are... crap.

Even if you throw me a job outside my specialty because of face issues."

"And now there's no commander either... it would be nice if we could meet up soon."

“It seems that the HQ also took that into consideration. They said they would send combat personnel as reinforcements.”


"Yeah, that's right. … I'm a little confused. Anyway, after joining the increase in personnel, we will confirm the reconnaissance team's survival and rescue work.

If there is a threat, the target will be annihilated... That's right.

I wonder what HQ is thinking. If we can afford to send more people, we should deal with it at headquarters from the beginning..."

"Then I'll go there first."

"Yeah... that's right. I can't let Buffer act together with Front... I'm also useless against demonic beasts.

Buffer and I will get in touch with the captain and join him, then send Buffer and the captain to the site.”

"Be careful, Al."

"Yeah, see you later."

The three hurriedly prepare themselves, and Alf headed for the old Sargon forward base west of Sargon Street.

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