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Alfred Hawkman


  • age: 16

  • Favorite food: Orba meat stew

  • Hobbies: Cooking

  • Birthplace: Odon Empire

  • Favorite Weapon: Two daggers

[If the battle is no longer necessary,

Let's do it at the shop and live quietly. ]

A child soldier belonging to the Odon Empire's 4th Special Forces Flag.

When he was a child, he was picked up by Jin, the captain of the Flag team on his way home from a mission, and raised by the Flag members.A few years later, one of them who loved Alf died during a mission.


A diligent personality and environment are multiplied, and the talent for military performance ability is polished,After graduating from the military academy at the age of 16, he was officially assigned to the Flag Corps.

However, Jin didn't think very well of becoming an officer until the very end.

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