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There is a central city, and there are towns in the east, west, south, and north.

There is one emperor and four representatives of the council, and each city has its own independent special forces, and Alf's flag is one of them.

Currently in dispute with the Northern Territories of the Odon Empire.

With the development of Ether Dynamics, its national power began to stand out.

The main industry is the export of ether power machines, etc.

Odon Empire


Kingdom of Almeria


Armeria's Guardian BeastDue to its close relationship with FestiaThe Almeria family has a long history,I can't say I have a strong military.Because church members are all over the worldOther countries against AlmeriaThere is no face-to-face political pressure.


Ether technology is being actively researched,Industry comes mainly from agriculture and the Zark TunnelAlkerium Ore and Torenia Ore are export resources, and many ruins from the O civilization era still remain.


Madic City Alliance


City Alliance region in the western part of Almeria.
In 1530, the chief of the Madic tribe gathered a large number of ethnic and tribal villages,
became one city.
He said that many cities would not be attacked by other countries.
Calling for the need for cities to band together and form alliancesThe Madic Cities Alliance was established.

But sometimes there was a brute force wayThere are still villages and towns that are not happy with the alliance.

Naturally, industries differ from city to city,People in areas without industry go out to work

A man as confident in his arms as JedGo to a conflict area in another country as a mercenary,As an adventurer, he travels around ruins.


Elkite, the City of Magic


Madik was founded for political reasons by the Cities Alliance.

Elkite is an even more diverse city.

There is no such thing as self-government in this town, and many races and even villains gather, but it is a ruined town that maintains a special balance.

Its unique culture has not been made public, but due to its usefulness as a place for exchanging information, more and more races gathered from various countries, and at some point Elkite came to be called the City of Devil's Nest.


​Gormon Ruins


The ruins of the O civilization near Horn south Orion village road in western Almeria territory.

Adventurers and soldiers are also designated as off-limits areas by the Kingdom of Almeria.


It is the ruins where Serra, who fled to the Horn area, once arrived as a refuge, and at the same time, the special forces Flag, which chased the terrorists who planned to flee the country, infiltrated as a hiding place for terrorists.This is where Alf and Sera first met.


Falsetta Pass


A mountain road that connects Woodbury in the southern part of Falsetta village in the western part of Almeria territory.


Some merchants use it as a trade route, but monsters often appear, so adventurers and mercenary escorts are essential.There aren't many people on the street.


It's a mountain range with a lot of height difference, and it's not uncommon for visibility to get worse due to sand smoke.


woodbury village


A rural village located in the southern part of Almeria territory, past the mountain road from Falsetta village.

As a village in a large flatland, the bars and inns are often full as a resting place for adventurers and merchants.


The specialty is slime juice.

There are relatively few dangerous monsters in the vicinity of Woodbury, but since the distribution route to the royal capital and other cities is quite detoured,The population itself does not seem to have increased much.


Woodbury Abbey is on the eastern mountain.

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