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​ What is Shadow Egg

4人下塗り .jpg

It's an RPG, not an RPG.


It's all just a delusion made on the subject of "RPG that doesn't exist".

The characters, the world, the country, the setting, and the damage calculation rate are carefully thought out.

It's all just an illusion.

not all exist.

And there will never be a game called Shadow Egg made in the future.

It's happier if the dream remains a dream rather than becoming a half-truth.


This is the story of a world made of such delusions.



──The alarm sounds at 3 o'clock in the morning.

A terrorist incident occurred at the Bal Research Institute in the central part of the Odon Empire.


Even though the guards fought back from the main entrance, they didn't even have time to think about rescuing the research institute staff while defending against the terrorists' skillfulness and armament differences.


A message arrives from the communications officer there.

"Start a surprise attack by the support unit, and support them..."


Two figures quietly descended from the roof of the building, quickly destroying the terrorists at the entrance.


"We are Flag of the Odon Empire's 4th Independent Special Forces! "


There was a boy soldier beside the large man who shouted.


The story of boy Alf begins here.

[Red Hawk Incident]


In the year 1601, a tragedy that could be called a catastrophe occurred on the Celtia continent.

Commonly known as the red falcon, the monster performs destructive actions,It terrorized the world so much that villages and towns disappeared from the map.

However, the existence called Akahawk mysteriously disappeared,Its existence appears in Festia myths in the streetsIt was rumored to be the second coming of "Star Calamity".


However, the leaders of the nation cannot be so optimistic,Nations all over the Sertia continent hinted at the possibility of the existence of a second red hawk,As a matter of course, 14 years have passed since the domestic armaments were strengthened.

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