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Amelia Schwarster


  • age: 30

  • Favorite thing: Chatoli fruit salad

  • hobby: bath

  • Birthplace: Ornella Village

  • Favorite Weapon: Ether Gun

[To kill the red falcon

I took the gun in my hand. ]

Amelia barely survived the Red Hawk Incident 14 years ago when she and her younger brother Rick were together at a house in Ornella Village.

The nearby free city of Nazari was also destroyed, and her father Haynes and mother Sheena who were there also died.

Perhaps out of a sense of loss at having lost everything, she learned to fight alone and became a bounty hunter.

Amelia's parents were Dr. Stellat's excavation companions, and even after her family died in the Red Hawk Incident, Dr. Stellat was still concerned about the young Amelia.

Since becoming a bounty hunter, he has worked as an escort for Stellat several times.

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