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Jed Advard


  • Age: 28

  • Favorite food: All meat

  • Hobbies: Good sake

  • Birthplace: Madic City Alliance Region

  • Favorite Weapon: Spear

[To me who became a monster

The meaning of the name is no longer questionable. ]

A magical beast with a bounty that is said to have escaped to the Woodbury region of Almeria.

Known as "Hyoma".

While fighting Alf and others who happened to be present at Woodbury Church, he suddenly regained consciousness as a human and was puzzled.


After that, he escaped pursuit from the Almeria soldiers who arrived, but at night he lost consciousness again and became a demon beast.

In the human era, he was called "Jed the Spear" as a freelance mercenary in the eastern part of the Madic City Alliance.

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