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Jin Douglas


  • age: 42

  • Favorite thing: Fortner wine

  • hobby: reading

  • Birthplace: Odon Empire

  • Favorite Weapon: Martial arts Sword Weapons in general

[Start rushing from here.

"Let's go black 4" ]

Commander of the Odon Empire's 4th Special Forces Flag. 24 years ago, after the Special Forces Law was passed, he was the first to join the Odong Special Forces. While returning from the Akataka Incident 14 years ago, he found a weakened Alf, and since civilian and military facilities nearby were in turmoil, he had no choice but to protect him in a safe house. Due to the fact that his identity was unknown even after investigation and that he was attached to the members of the Flag Squad, all the members of the Flag Squad loved Alf like a child. His hand-to-hand combat ability is top class even in the Kingdom of Odon.

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