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Episode 10 "Rumors of the Old Sargon Base 6"

After opening the door of the building, Alf went outside and first alerted the surrounding area.


Whether it was intuition or murderous intent, Alf looked up at the sky as if reacting rapidly.

"Mr. Collins! Up!"


It was already too late when Collins, who was slowly looking at the sky in response to Alf's voice, noticed a large shadow.

Something from the sky attacks Collins quietly and at breakneck speed.

Collins turned her comrades into her ruthless flesh and blood Her fears were in front of her and her words reflexively crossed her mind——


A roar that made the earth tremble.

As if it had come to destroy the silence, a large shadow landed on the ground, sending dust clouds.

Collins was blown away and hit the wall violently.

"...Mr....! Mr. Collins! Are you safe!?"

Alf shouted to confirm Collins' safety in a loud voice, probably because he couldn't see it because of the dust.

"Ah... Oh...!"

Collins's consciousness is dazed, but he speaks as hard as he can.

She would have turned Collins into a scattered hunk of flesh.

But Alf was the first to realize just before Collins was crushed, and escaped her worst by jumping out and kicking Collins away.

In front of her was a demonic beast with a beast-like upper body that supported its body with a giant serpent-like tail.

It was an eerie figure that no one had ever seen before, as if it was a mixture of various kinds of magical beasts.

Left and right tentacles like large arms covered with hard scales. Sharp claws on the tip.

Two horns like a sheep on the head. Then his thin, sharp, terrifying eyes slowly looked as if to recognize Collins.


Collins held up his sword on one of her knees, and the magic beast slowly opened what seemed to be her mouth, intimidating the three with a roar that shook the air.

Alf, who quickly kicked the ground and wall and moved around, stood in front of Collins and prepared his weapon.

However, a small amount of blood was coming out of Alf's head.

He suffered minor injuries from the impact while helping Collins.

"Mr. Collins! Get out! Quick!"


The monster bends its large, tentacle-like right arm and attacks Alf and Collins with its claws.

In order to protect Collins, Alf held his two swords crossed and parried the attack of the sharp claws.

However, at that time, the hidden tail grows and the second blow attacks--

(First of all...)

"Thunder sky!"

An electric shock runs like a magic beast wrapped in purple lightning.

In the nick of time, the magic beast's attack slowed down, and Alf succeeded in parrying it as well.

(The one just now is...regi!?)

An ethereal light that seemed to be a mixture of purple and yellow was scattered from the tip of Michael's weapon, which was set up in front of the door.

"Phew... Absolutely... I'm overdoing it."

The magic beast flinched from the sudden thunder and jumped up, keeping a distance so as to cling to the outer wall of the second floor of the building.

While concentrating on something, Michael ran up to Alf and, like Alf, took a fighting stance toward the magic beast.

“Thank you for your help, Michael.”

"It's safe and above all... Moonlight!"

Michael cast an aetheric spell of light from the back end of the stick and healed Collins.

"Haa...haa...thank's him, he's a friend...!"

"The identity of the discomfort I felt was him.

I think he was always asking about the timing of the surprise attack.”

“…If I hadn’t worked with Alf-san, I wouldn’t have believed it.

But in fact, he's searching for our way out from an exquisite distance... too clever to be handled by instinct."

“Yeah…but it looks like they won’t let you go…Mr. Collins, can you come?”


"Please listen to both of us. It's impossible for us to defeat that magic beast alone... so it's a matter of buying time until reinforcements arrive...!

I'm the front, Michael-san is the backup, Collins-san, pay attention to the tail and follow Michael-san."

"... I understand, it's a life that was saved. In the worst case, use it as a substitute."

"It would be nice if I could afford to use it..."

"……To go!"

As the demon beasts roared and intimidated Alf and the others, the three entered into a state of engagement──


[Alfred Hawkman]

・Killing Edge Physical damage to a single enemy AP25

・ Fire Lance Fire attribute magic damage to a single enemy ETR dependent

Michael Farens

Initial LV3 HP117 EP 20

・Moonlight Recovers the HP of a single ally MEN-dependent EP2

・Thunder Heaven Lightning attribute damage to all enemies ETR dependent EP 3

・Red Mark: Increases the ATK of all allies by one level AP25

(Ability enhancement buff is 10% for 1 stage and overlaps up to 10th stage, and is canceled if there is no overlap for 5 turns)

passive skill

・ Enema Mastery I EGD +5%

・Stun Attack I Parry the enemy's physical attack +5% chance

[Collins-Peth] Guest NPC automatic action

Initial LV3 HP 110 EP 14

・ Horizontal cut Physical damage to a single enemy ATK dependent AP25 Insect special attack

(There is an insect attack, but Collins' participation in the war is meaningless here alone.)

[Boss Demonic Beast Gargantif]

HP1400 MP100

・Normal attack (claw)

・Ice: Ice damage to all enemies. In rare cases, abnormal freezing effect.

・Slamming physical damage to a single enemy

・ Her turn to take distance preemptively recovers a small amount of her own HP. During this state, avoid all melee attacks.

・Assault, physical damage to a single enemy, chance of giving stun, canceling the state of taking a distance

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