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Episode 11 "Rumors of the Old Sargon Base 7"

As the fierce battle unfolded, the magic beast attacked alternately from the upper body with its tentacles on the left and right, and on the third attack, it aimed at the boy again with its tentacles.

As if to guide the enemy's point of view, Alf single-mindedly restrained the enemy in front of the other two and concentrated on handling the attack.

Back step ─ somersault ── lying down ──

While avoiding three tentacle attacks, the boy was thinking of counterattacking in the slightest chance.

The moment Alf dodged the last attack, Alf suddenly started running from an unusual initial acceleration as if kicking the ground from the quadrupedal walking position with his wrists and toes on the ground.


As a backup, Michael was calmly observing the situation where Alf was going to counterattack.

Alf runs with all his might, leaning forward as if to leave the hand holding the dagger behind.

Emphasizing his speed, he jumped into the magic beast even though he lost his balance a little, and immediately kicked the opponent's tentacles to change direction.

Rather than inflicting shallow wounds with two swords on the body of a gigantic magic beast, Alf thought that it would be more effective to inflict deep wounds with the recoil of the rotation.

But the monster did not flinch.

(Is it still light...!)

The magic beast didn't care, and the tail of his lower body bent and jumped up.

Alf hurriedly kicked the magic beast and landed on the ground while losing his balance, but a large shadow was faintly reflected in the sky above Alf──

"Mr. Alf!"


When Alf looked up at the same time as he said that, a magic beast was aiming at him with its big tail trying to hit him.

With the speed and distance of Michael and Collins, it's impossible to help Alf by kicking like when he helped Collins.

Michael intuitively understood that even a thunderstorm wouldn't stop that movement.

Unable to do anything for the two of them, the monster's gigantic body slammed Alf into the ground.

A cloud of dust spreads, blurring Michael's vision.

Collins was in despair, and she could only watch in daze as Alf was crushed.

"Haha... that's a lie... even if you're that strong, it's easy..."

White smoke mixed in with the ocher dust.

Even with Alf's death just around the corner, Michael thought about the smoke so calmly that even he himself thought it strange.

"White smoke...?...water (mist)...diffusion (dihi)...?"

With poor visibility, Michael frantically looked around to find something.

Then, noticing something, Michael draws a circle like turning a stick-shaped weapon, and ethereal light is emitted.

"It's really bad for your heart...! Red Mark (Roth)!"

Centering on Michael, a yellow wave that only Michael could see spread in a circle.

In front of Michael's eyes looking up at the sky was a small red-haired boy.

(Strength...!? Michael-san?)

Alf's body fell from the sky with a faint yellow light, and using the falling gravity, the attack further strengthened by Michael's magic reached the magic beast's back──

Right after that, the painful low-pitched cry of the demon beast resounded like a roar in the old Sargon base.

With the cooperation of Alf and Michael, he wounded the magic beast with a single blow with all his might, but even so, it was not fatal.

Without a moment's delay, Alf takes distance while jumping with the recoil of kicking the magic beast in order to prepare for a follow-up attack.

Sliding backwards in a somersault and landing as he bent his knees into a low center of gravity, Alf spread his fingers and dropped his dagger to the ground.

His right hand held up--as if supporting his left hand--red light converges on his right hand.

Michael raised his weapon as if he had guessed something, and yellow light converged at the tip of his stick──

"Fire Lance!"

"Thunder sky!"

A roaring sound rang out at the moment when the two ether spells were shot at the magic beast.

Lightning falls from the sky, and a fireball hits the magic beast at the same time.

(Haha... amazing... this guy is amazing... this is the Flag Squad...)

Collins was trembling.

Fear the first time.

Despair the second time.

And the third time. This trembling must have been caused by a feeling of longing that was fascinated by Alf and the others' fighting style.

Moreover, the flag is originally an anti-personnel unit and is not used to fighting monsters.

In spite of this, the calmness of these two people probably contained a little bit of frustration in the corner of Collins' heart.

The magic beast received a burning wound, but it was still far from fatal, and the magic beast clung to the wall of the second floor of the building as if to warn Alf and the others again.

Alf returned to the two and formed a team of three again.


"Yeah... it doesn't seem like something like this will disappear."

"You guys are amazing... but Alf-kun, I was really nervous just now. Is that your art?"

"I'm sorry, it's my counter technique called Killing Edge."

“I see… it uses water (mist) and diffusion (dihi) to create a mist-like combination like itself, luring the enemy and attacking itself from its blind spot.

It's a technique unique to an interpersonal unit that has many missions in poor visibility conditions."

(... To be able to accurately analyze the structure of Killing Edge just by looking at it once... and the timing of the support just now.

Michael-san... after all, this person is not an ordinary person.)

"Well, it looks like we're back to a slightly more favorable starting point... but it doesn't seem like you'll overlook it yet."

“Has the reinforcements not come yet?


(...It sure feels like it's late. Will the captain be caught? No, the fact that Michael-san is here means that information will surely be shared...)

"Mr. Alf!"

When I looked at the magic beast with a sudden realization, it was in a position to jump in.

"Avoid everyone!"

The magic beast charged at Alf and the others from the wall as if bullets were being fired from the wall.

Alf and the others barely avoided it by flying sideways. However, the problem was where to run away.

Alf dodged left, Michael and Collins dodged right.

With the magic beast in between, it ended up being divided into two directions.

Naturally, the target of this cunning magic beast──

"It's bad...! Mr. Michael!"

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