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Episode 14 "Rumors of the Old Sargon Base 10"

Birds chirped--

It wouldn't be strange to misunderstand that, as the pitch dropped from high to low due to air friction and sound conduction, it approached Alf and the others.

It suddenly stabbed into the magic beast's back, as if it was biting into the momentary gap that the bird had set as its bait.

Before Michael and the others could recognize it as an 'arrow', it exploded upon impact and caused a small explosion.

Michael and Collins couldn't comprehend what caused the explosion, but their eyes widened, but only Alf knew the true identity of the ``splitting arrow''.

"……you're late"

Alf slowly closed his eyes as if he felt a sense of relief against his ironic words.

The lens reflects light.

There were people looking at us from hills far away from the magic beasts in front of Alf.

It was Buffer, who was lying down on the ground looking through the bowgun's lens, and Aki standing beside him.


With her long pink hair blowing in the wind, Aki calmly uttered only one word as she held binoculars made of hard leather and transparent lenses with both hands and peered into the target of the Buffer's slashing arrow. .

Buffer doesn't react to those words and falls to the ground, silently as she loads the next arrow without taking her line of sight from the far-sighted lens attached to her large bowgun.

Aki put his right hand on the communicator in her ear and started talking to himself.

(……This is from Black 2 to Black 1.

The Albatross was released. I repeat, the albatross is released)

"... Does that make sense?"

"Well, even just the form. Let's leave the rest to Black 3."

Aki, who was convinced that the split arrow could earn him a little time until the person he entrusted to reach Alf and the others, entrusted him with all the final moves.

Aki has devised a lightning-fast guideline for Flag Squad's missions based on his fighting style.

The air and weeds shook as his heels hit the ground—

Almost at the same time, a man in the air on the left torso of the magic beast came into Michael's field of vision.

He wears the same clothes as Alf, and is a well-known warrior in military circles.

Captain of the Flag Corps, Jin Douglas.

He pulled his right shoulder in the air, twisted his body slightly, held his breath, and aimed at a point that seemed to be the core of the monster's body, as if using the recoil of the twist of his whole body. shot the palm of his right hand.

When the blow hits the magic beast, a thin circular wave bursts out as if to visualize the transmission of the impact, and the impact captures the core of the magic beast.

Pan that can't be heard even if any expert hits the palm of the palm! Along with that unfamiliar sound, the magic beast was blown away from Alf's field of vision.

It pierces the outer wall of the base, crushes the pillars inside the building, and collides with the back wall, and the sound of the building collapsing reverberates throughout the base.

That blow is Jin's physical art technique "Aura Shock" that Alf has seen many times.

Jin landed on the spot as if nothing had happened.

Its quiet landing speaks to Jin's outstanding fighting technique, which conveys the energy generated by the sole of his palm to the beast without wasting it.

Jin quietly looked at Alf and the others without changing his expression.

Alf, Collins, Michael, and the Demon Beast.

From these four, we will instantly and accurately assemble the order of priority and execute it in order.

In an instant, a light source like a warm red aura appeared in Jin's left hand instead of a normal fire, and he gave priority to Michael among the three who were unable to move due to the magic beast's ice. It froze and disappeared in a blink of an eye.


By the time he uttered those words to Michael, Jin's gaze had already turned to the magic beast inside the base.


At the same time as Michael's reply, Jin started running to disappear.

He continued to accelerate towards the demonic beast inside the base and leaned forward. like a lance──

In the light and darkness that leaked inside the base, blood sprayed out from the magic beast.

Jin-Douglas' hand spear quietly pierced the monster's body.

Jin was bathed in the return blood that came out of the wound that could be said to be a hollow in the body of the beast.

The beast, already motionless, ended its life quietly, just quietly.

At the same time, the threat that caused the rumors of Old Sargon at the hands of the Flag Corps ended.

When Jin returned the pierced hand, he stood silently while looking at the corpse of the beast──────

While the sun was setting and the shadows of people and buildings were being greatly extended, Alf and the others were treated by Michael, and Jin, Buffer, and Aki joined to confirm the situation.

"... isn't it a demon beast?"

Alf and the others ask Jin curiously.

"That's it"

“…The clear difference between magic beasts and living creatures is whether or not they leave a corpse when they die. corpses remain.

In other words, if you just look at the fact that the corpse was left behind after the captain stabbed him, you can say that it belongs to a living creature, not a magical beast."

“But the one we actually fought was unique among the magic beasts. Dragons, raptors, and Orba seemed inconsistent as creatures. Is that a creature…?”

“Yes, I understand what Alf is trying to say.

"And it's not just looks. He definitely had wisdom...or rather, thought."


"Yeah, when you're fighting us, it's like you're playing psychological warfare several times. That was also a pretty cunning thought."

"A monster-like creature with cunning thoughts... Seriously, what should I report to headquarters?"

“Headquarters, no, but we are originally an anti-personnel unit.

“I can’t say that, Buffer.

"Ah... I'm sorry..."

"No, don't worry about it. Thanks to everyone's avenging their enemies, they're also happy.

Originally, it was our mission... but this time, it was just that we were unsuccessful. Nothing less, nothing more.”

"……you're strong"

"Not as good as you."

Collins slowly walked over to Alf and dropped himself to his knees.

As Alf was perplexed, Collins crouched in front of her, lowered her head, raised her face again, and Collins began to speak with her serious face.

"Why did you enter the flag?"


“Even though I belonged to a different affiliation, you saved my life 3 times in the course of my mission… I was filled with various emotions.

I wonder why. because you're younger Is it because it's a flag team? ……I can't put it into words.

Something stuck in your fight... and felt just as dangerous. I had mixed emotions.”

As the shadows of Alf and the others slowly stretched out in the shadows of the setting sun, Collins continued to speak.

"So I've decided on one thing, Sargon Guard Collins-Peth.

No matter what happens to you from now on, I'll be on your side.

I know what I can do. In preparation for an emergency at that time, I will desperately try to build up my strength.”

Collins smiled and looked straight at Alf.

After a startled silence, Alf answered Collins, who laughed himself.

"Yes, I will do my best not to lose."

"Michael-san was really helpful. And thank you again to everyone at Flag."

Collins sought handshakes from those present, and those who were asked to shake hands firmly.

"I'm glad you're safe. Then let's go back to Sargon Street. The sun is about to set."

Aki closed the event, and the group returned to Sargon Street.

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