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Episode 18: Almeria's bell rings for the obituary 2

"give an overview"

Jin explains the strategy to the members sitting around the table after dinner.

"Everyone, do you still remember the events of the Balken incident that happened the other day? Three days ago, after we finished our mission in the imperial city of Vogerande, we were on the way back to Sargon by train when we received an emergency communication request for assistance. We neutralized the culprits who were attacking the Bal Research Incident, and succeeded in securing the safety of the hostages.After that, we handed over the 12 attackers to the Central Guards who came to reinforce us.That was our job."

"If you ask me again, it's a perfect job."

"That's right. But there is a continuation to this story. While escorting the culprits from the Bal Research Institute to the imperial capital Vogerande, the security forces were suddenly attacked, and the culprits who were in custody escaped."



"According to regular communications from the tracking team, the supposedly escaped raiders have headed west, here in Sargon's territory. Afterwards, someone guided them by boat into the Straits. It's a matter."

"Ah, so that's why there weren't enough personnel to deal with the situation at the old Sargon base."

“From Sargon to the strait…the other side…Ah, the Kingdom of Almeria.

"Yes. Did you understand the meaning of tail fins?"

"Kahaaa, I was thrown into unnecessary work, and when I thought I had done a perfect job, I was thrown into the other party's poka.

"Well, that kind of buffer. There are unexpected situations in everything. That's why. Our mission this time is to track down those who escaped based on the information from the tracking team and quickly detain them. It's a mission from the intelligence department."

"Captain, I have a question."

"What is Alf?"

“In other words, military personnel within the territory of the Kingdom of Almeria……if you can’t go as far as saying that, people who belong to the army will take part in combat operations in another country, right? Wouldn't you like to touch on the ``Nazari Treaty''?

"Yes, but you know the current situation in Almeria."

"Yeah, the princess went missing in an accident last night... Huh? The publication date of this daily Walter..."

"That's right. The Almeria accident was '3 days ago' and the Bal Lab incident was '2 days ago'. I don't know if this is a coincidence or a causal relationship. Now try to cause some kind of trouble in Almeria and get yourself taken into custody by the Almeria army.There is a risk of having a diplomatic card that is so unfavorable that you can't help saying that the princess's accident was Odon's secret maneuver.Of course, Almeria's spy line. It's not like it's broken either."

“Do you have any idea who the attacker is?”

"Well. At first, I also thought it was a crime by Minami. Judging from the number of collaborators, there should be no doubt that it was an organized action. However, contrary to expectations, the attacker was not Minami, but Sargon. He escaped to the west, and slipped into the strait without even pretending to go south, so it seems that the headquarters was following the pirates' line once."

"Pirates attacking the Bal Research Institute?"

"... not us"

The members of Flag looked at the direction of the muttering voice all at once.

The one who opened his mouth was Sten, whom Jin had brought.

"...Pirates are pirates. Of course, they even attacked merchant ships. It was something they had to do in order to survive. There's no excuse for that. I don't think you have such a ridiculous reason."

"It seems"

"Hey hey hey, wait a minute. Your head... are you a pirate?"

"...That's right. I'm Sten from the pirate group Viper. You're 'former' pirates because you were caught by Odon's dog."

"Hey, hey, I can't really see what you're saying. What's going on? Why are you bringing pirates here?"

"Let me explain. Okay? ... First, if Flag goes over to the Kingdom of Almeria and launches an operation, it must be done in secret. This is probably a major premise. Second, the crime was the Viper pirates. Intelligence interrogated Mr. Sten to find out the line, but they probably had no motive or reason, judging from their conversations with him... Is that right? Captain?"


"And third. Considering the shortest route and stealth in pursuit, we also need to cross the strait quickly by boat instead of the land route. If you use the land route, it will be a detour from the north, so it will be covert. There is a limit to sexuality.In the case of sea routes, all you need is a skilled sailor and which sea route you can follow to get past the Viper pirates' eyes.You should avoid unnecessary conflicts, and if possible, merchant ships' eyes. Well, a snake's path is a snake.The Intelligence Department must have offered a plea bargain to Mr. Sten, who can meet both of these conditions."

"Ugh... I'm thinking of another crazy strategy. Ah, this time it's the intelligence department. But... we ate from the same plate just now... but there's no chance that this guy will betray me."

"How about it, Mr. Sten?"

When the team members saw Sten, they started in a cold sweat and hurriedly looked to the side and averted their eyes.

(I see... So at first, rather than being hostile towards soldiers, I was cautious with a behavior that I couldn't even criticize. Those thick garbs are probably meant to protect you from the cold at sea. The look in your eyes isn't good... but really... I wonder if he's a bad person...?)

"... I was thinking about running away until just a little while ago."

"Until a while ago?"

"Because I've been treated like shit in the dungeon for a long time. Even so, I thought it would be nice if I could eat somewhere. ……Will you let me go once this job is done?

"Because, Al."


"Well, the premise is that you won't go back to being a pirate."

“…I was released by a plea bargain and returned to the Vipers, but the next time the Vipers confronted you at sea, I would be the first to be suspected. I'd rather not go back..."

"In other words, act according to what he says while traveling by ship. The rest is just as Aki said. The tracking team will contact you at the hour of fire. Explanation That's it. Anyone have any questions?"

The inside of the home becomes quiet.

"Alright, each member will change into plain clothes instead of uniforms, and shift to operation with scheduled communication at the time of fire. Confidentiality is the top priority. Therefore, the use of code names is prohibited during this operation. We will wait at alert level 1 until then.

"roger that!"

The flag members began to move in a hurry inside the home.

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