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Episode 19: Almeria's bell rings for the obituary 3

If you go east from Sargon Street, you'll find the old Sargon front line base where Alf and the others fought to the death the other day, and if you go further east, you can't really call it a harbor, but there are bridges for stopping ships.

And in the northwest of the former Sargon outpost, there used to be a large land to pass through to Almeria and Teridoa. It was transformed into a bay coast.

The area around this legendary bay, where the red falcon is said to have disappeared, was never rebuilt or restored, and few people dared approach it.

On this secluded bay where you can hear the alternating waves crashing and sucking up, there was a sailing ship for a small number of people called a cog ship, which is not used much now.

“Is it a corg ship?

Instead of wearing the usual black uniforms, the four Flag Squad and the former pirates who were hired as helmsmen dressed as adventurers walked along the beach and stood in front of the ship. I was looking at the corg ship with a little joy.

The Korg ship has a chubby and thick shape, and it has a double structure with a wooden hull and a workmanship that is processed in the steel part called armor.

The square sail is hoisted by a single mast, and although it is not wide from the deck, it seems that you can enter the ship by stairs.

"Is it a good ship?"

"Ah... I'm just a fan of things these days when I'm getting into a product of the past."

"Oi oi, is that okay?"

"... A korg ship is a small-man ship that changes depending on the skill of the helmsman.

It's stable and fast when used by skilled people, and slow when used by unskilled people.

It's extremely vulnerable to headwinds coming from the front."

With that, Sten climbed the ladder attached to the ship and walked around the deck, checking the structure of the ship.

“Sten-san looks a little happy.”

"Well. I feel more like a sailor's craftsman than a pirate, but..."

Buffer put his hand on the ladder and went up the deck.

When Alf suddenly turned around, he saw Aki talking with his ear to the communication device a little further away, and Jin looking at the sky with her arms crossed beside her.


"Hey Al! Awesome! There's a ship inside!"

As the cries of migratory cranes echoed with the sound of the waves, Alf silently looked straight ahead.

He could feel the strong sea breeze and the smell of the sea, but as if to block it, he lifted his bandana-like red muffler, which was swaying in the wind, up to his nose and climbed up to the ship—

"--It's the coast of Horn in the eastern part of Almeria territory."

"...It's a horn. From this it in the west-southwest direction?"

Sten looked at the map, put his right thumb and forefinger to his mouth, and seemed to be thinking about something.

"... you guys are in a hurry, aren't you? A safe but slightly detour route or a potentially dangerous but fast route. Which is better?"

"What does it mean?"

Sten put his finger on the map and moved it to the lower left as he explained it to all the Flag members as he spoke.

“This is the coast where we are now. So the Horn coast we are heading to is around here in the southwest.”

Sten's fingertips move slightly to the right and draw a circle, and when he hits it with a ton, the deck wood under the map makes a dull sound.

"... This area is a little peculiar. It's a sea area with complicated ocean currents and air pressure. You can't avoid the time zone.By going below here, you can get a tailwind, but the problem is that even if you pass the route where you can get the tailwind below, it overlaps with the area where "Sahagin" is infested. In order to avoid that, it's possible to make a detour to the south, but there's a high chance that you'll encounter a patrol ship of the pirate group Viper."

"Sahagin... an aquatic fish monster."

"Specifically, how much difference will there be in the estimated arrival time?"

"Considering that you're also a combat professional, it shouldn't be that big of a risk, but... considering that the sailor isn't a sailor... you'll find out every moment."

"Okay, let's take the quick route. I don't mind fighting if it's not interpersonal."

"Okay. And Mr. Alf and Mr. Buffer."

"A buffer is fine."

"That's right. I'm Al too."

Sten, who should have been hostile to the Odon guards, was a little perplexed by how easy it was to get along with Alf and Buffer.

Once this operation is over, I will never meet these two again.

Maybe because of the idea of once-in-a-lifetime encounters at sea, Sten came to think of the two as crew temporarily.

"...Then I'm fine with Sten. I'd like to ask you two to raise and lower the sails on my signal. Just push the central device, but always take turns.

I also want to ask you to raise the anchor when you set sail. What the's heavy."

"Understood, please give me a signal. Sten."

Alf and Buffer are in position to reel in the anchor chain.

Sten, whose expression had remained unchanged all this time, smiled on his lips and took a deep breath as he gripped his rudder.

"I'm sorry to have kept you waiting, Danna of the Flag Squad.

Sten of the former pirate group Viper. She will take command of this ship from now on.

Ready to set sail! Anchor up! ”

The Flag Squad and former pirates left the land of Odon and secretly headed for the Kingdom of Almeria──

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