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Episode 21: Almeria's bell rings for the obituary 5


Buffer, leaning bored against the railing at his bow, looked out at the sea with sleepy eyes.

The scenery she sees is blue waves and a sky that looks like a little mist.

And all you hear is the sound of waves.

If she doesn't have sentimental and tasteful sensibilities, it's natural for her to get bored.

At first, she was in a good mood, and her nervousness in case of emergency remained in the corner of her mind, but as it continued, Buffer relaxed.

That's his good point, and it's supposed to be his bad part that Aki always scolds him, but today he doesn't seem to get scolded.

Aki was also on his starboard side, looking at the sea and mumbling and thinking about something.

"Hey, is your squad always like this?"

While picking up the rudder, Sten seriously talks to Alf.

"Maybe it's always like this while moving. Strange?"

“No, for some reason I thought that the Odong army was more stubborn. And…”

"in addition?"

"I was surprised that the subordinates of that sharp master are people like you."

"I see... but it might be the other way around."


"Yes, I think we can concentrate on our role with peace of mind because it's that captain."

"Is that so? You trust me."


The two were looking straight ahead without looking at each other, but Alf looked sideways at Sten and asked a question.

"... are you still afraid of the captain?"

"Well, what do you think?"

Sten looked ahead and seemed to be evasive.

Alf didn't know if it was out of concern for the captain whom Alf trusted, or if it was Sten's own joke.

(It's more creepy than scary...)

──Sten looked at the sky and smelled the sea air with his nose.

"... The atmospheric pressure has dropped. It's about time. Al, read my husband."

"Yeah, I understand."

Alf lightly skipped down the stairs to the deck and went straight down to the cabin──

──Alf called out to Jin, who was sitting on a chair in the cabin looking at a book.

"Captain, Mr. Sten is calling you."

"Oh, I see."

Flicking her open book down and placing it on the desk, Jin got up and walked out onto the sun-drenched deck.

On the cover of the book on the desk was written "Festia Divine Book Vol. 6"──

"──What's the situation?"

“So far, things are going well.

"Is that so?"

"...probably coming. The air pressure is dropping and I haven't seen sea cranes for a while. Setting aside whether it's the influence of Sahagin, I think it's better to prepare."

“Understood. The members are not used to fighting against living things.

──The Flag members who gathered at Sten are being briefed about Sahagin.

“──As I mentioned briefly when we set sail, Sahagin is not a magical beast but an aquatic fish creature. Even at its largest adult size, it is about 100 Calm. Well, it is roughly half the size of a human. It will be tough if attacked by a , but it moves slowly on land, so if you look at it alone it shouldn't be a big threat.

Alf raised his hand to show his palm and spoke to Sten.

"Does Sahagin jump onto a ship from the sea?"

Sten held his left hand horizontal in front of his own face to reveal the sea, from which he spoke, drawing a parabola with his right fingertips about the Sahagin that leapt out of it.

"Yeah. The moment it emerges from the sea, it jumps onto it vigorously. But its movement on land is overwhelmingly slower than underwater.

"Then I should just play the target game."

"If you're confident in shooting it down, that's fine. It also saves you the trouble of disposing of Sahagin's corpse. The problem is... Sahagin tends to move in packs."

"What is the approximate number of encounters?"

“Normally there are 10 at most… even if we were unlucky to hit during the breeding season, it would be around 20. However, Sahagin shouldn’t have the power to destroy a ship, so we fought on the basis of successfully defeating each one individually. ”

"That's why. As I said before, the use of ether magic is prohibited on the ship. Me and Alf are on the port side and starboard on both fronts. Buffer is sniping between them. Aki is on standby in the cabin."

"Is there no turn this time? If you can't use magic, you can't even back it up. I'm sorry."

"From now on, we will be on standby in second-class combat deployment. Do you have any questions?"

"What about Mr. Sten?"

"Oi oi, if I go to the cabin too, who will steer the ship? I'll leave my back to you."

"I see... yeah, leave it to me."

"There is also the possibility that it will end with nothing but unfounded fears. And I don't think you're used to fighting against living things.

"roger that!"

The Flag members scattered to their positions on the ship—

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