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Episode 24: Almeria's bell rings for the obituary 8

A black fog wolf that attacks itself.

Setina slightly glanced at her own feet to confirm something, but she immediately returned her gaze to the hostile opponent.

She hit the rapier from the bottom to the top, and the Black Mist Wolf launched lightly.

The black fog wolf has the concept of 'weight'.

There is also a fluid thought of bu that uses the power of others and turns it into one's own power, but it was not that kind of action.

──Let's talk about it, in many countries there are parties called night parties among the royal family and nobles.

Its essence is often a social gathering with political intentions in the name of an evening party, and it is also a place like a rite of passage as a political marriage between prominent families.

At such an evening party, there is a performance that the party participants always participate in.

"Ballroom dancing"

A man takes the lead and a woman forms a pair, dancing to the music of dance music as part of social behavior.

In this world, the dance called "Social" is mainstream, but before that, there was a dance called Variett in the past.

The movement until Setina launched the Black Mist Wolf—it was very similar to that dance called the Variet.

Two, if I had to mention the most different point from the variet, one would be that the variet is not a sword dance, but just a noble dance. That's why I don't have a sword.

And the other is whether or not the dancer has a charming smile.

On the other hand, Setina is cold and expressionless.

However, her sword dance, the way she treats her body, her movements, and everything about it is an aesthetic combat technique that reminds me of a Variet dancer.

She was dancing in the white world, just as if she was refusing to be paired—

──A second black fog wolf cuts at Setina with her black claws.

With his rapier, he parried and at the same time used that power, he swirled backwards on a flat surface and landed. Yes, the expression "landing" should be correct.

However, landing on one foot, the fluid landing movement like the white bird does not look like a landing, and it seems to be a preliminary movement for the next dance of Varietto.

She calmly opens her mouth small.

(── Mist, Fury, Will, Taura)

While performing the magic phenomenon process, she gently traced the tip of the rapier with her left hand.

Water—lowered—strong—and Taura restrained.

The third Black Mist Wolf from the left—it attacks from the air.

Setina stuck the rapier at her feet in her white world and let go, and she flew backwards again—


Around the rapier, a circular bluish etheric light shot up while maintaining its shape. The black mist wolf that was in the sky was wrapped in ice.


Then, Setina lowered her posture and activated Mu (Movement) on her feet with her Phenomenon magic. accelerated.

Ignoring the black fog wolf that was wrapped in ice, Setina once again picked up the rapier, and at the same time she stabbed the second black fog wolf in front of her in succession ──

When the ice sculpture of the third black fog wolf that fell behind cracked along with its body, it disappeared into fog together with the black fog wolf that was pierced by the rapier.

Defeated 2 ─ ─ Black Mist Wolves remain.

Right, left ── behind ──

Setina hurriedly turned around, but the Black Mist Wolf was nowhere to be seen.

Looking up above her, the last Black Mist Wolf descended on Setina with her claws raised.

Setina slipped and avoided her by a hair's breadth, but her claws graze Setina's slender legs.

Ironically, it was a single drop of red blood dripping from Setina that brought color to her world, which had no color at all.

Taking advantage of the black fog wolf's landing gap, Setina launched a counterattack against the black fog wolf with her rapier, but even before that, the black fog wolf's tail quickly attacked Setina in the face──

The blow wasn't fatal, but the impact was as if a large man had hit her with all her might.

A black fog wolf slowly approached Setina, crouching and motionless.

Gradually, her legs got faster, and the moment the Black Mist Wolf jumped up to finish off Setina with her claws, Setina rolled to her side──


She again freezes and incapacitates the Black Mist Wolves with an ice-magic freeze she has placed.

(Ray──Mother, Ripara)

When Setina put her hand on the injured area, a warm light that seemed to overlap with light blue and yellow lit up, and the cut on her leg healed.

Heal of recovery magic.

And then Setina, standing in front of her ice sculpture Black Mist Wolf, pulled her rapier over her right shoulder, and she thrust her forcefully into her ice sculpture.

Perhaps because of the ice sculpture made of ether formed from her own mana, the tip of the sword reached her body without any resistance, and the Black Mist Wolf disappeared into mist.

Setina closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

Standing with her rapier pointing to the ground in the white world──the figure of a princess named Setina La Almeria.

Perhaps "he" wanted to see this scene.

"Hey, you did a great job"

Ahead of Setina's line of sight, fog gathered and formed a black figure.

He opened her mouthless mouth and looked at Setina with her eyeless eyes.


"You don't have to be so cautious. I'm sorry for trying."

"... Sacred Beast Armede-sama... maybe?"

"──A sacred beast? There's no such thing here."

"── Huh?"

"What's here is an illusion. I'm just a wish at the end of a prayer. Maybe it's the result."

Setina couldn't understand what the shadow was saying at all.

This is her rite of will, and she's a trial to make a contract with the holy beast of Almeria--that's what she was taught.

"What's your name?"

“──My name is Setina-la-Almeria, the first child of the King of Almeria.”

"A child from Almeria? Hmmm."

The shadow of a person who seemed to be unable to understand her somehow approached Setina while floating in the air, and she slowly circled around her as if observing her.

"But your soul is like... I see, Almeria, huh? This may be a causal relationship, too. Listen, Setina. If it's just a coincidence that you met me here, that's fine.

But if this is inevitable, your destiny will be pulled by the cycle that 'that' has created."

"That...? Circulation...?"

"You don't have to know. It's fine if it's just a baseless worry. Rather, it's better. I'm sure I'll forget what happened here when I return. But if that time comes, I'll be of help."

“Please wait.

From the objectless figure, something like a hand that is not a hand snaps his fingers. With a vibration that made the air shake, Setina quietly lost her consciousness and fell to the ground.

"--We are your allies--"

──When the horizon opened up in the world of pitch black, Mother Elea was reflected there.

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