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Episode 26: Almeria's bell rings for the obituary 10

They walked down the steps of the monastery to the wooden quarters.

Setina puts her hands on her abdomen and walks with good posture, while Miriaria walks somewhat energetically despite being dizzy.

Miriaria put her hand to her own mouth and muttered in Setina's ear.

“Hey, how was it?

Despite the fact that she was just stabbed by Mother Elea, she immediately asked Miriaria about her ambition.

"Haa... Milly. I'm going to get mad at Mother Elea again."

"Eh, you don't care."

"Dahme. Discipline is discipline, even for important friends."


"Hey, were you worried about me?"

Miriaria jumped up and stood in front of Setina, who confidently put her hand to her chest and gleefully returned her words.

"Isn't it normal? I'm Sera's only best friend?"



"That's right. Even when I left the room early in the morning, you slept very comfortably. As expected of your best friend. Last night, who was the one who told you to see him off in high spirits?"

Setina brought her face closer to Miriaria, whose eyes were swimming from her confident expression, and spoke with a smile.

"Ah, my best friend. It's time for dinner. Let's go."

Miriaria runs at her own pace as if to escape from her question, and Setina looks at her happily.

"Let's run down the hallway—Miriaria! It's you again!"

"Gee... Rowa-sensei! I'm sorry--"

(She--Miriaria Lucerne is my one and only best friend, my roommate in this convent of Villano. And...only once in my life. The one and only friend to whom I have vented my anger emotionally. ──)

"Seller. What are you doing? Hurry up!"

Setina, who was standing still, started walking.

(But from today onwards, she and I will go our separate ways. It's our destiny. No, I know the truth. It's become a habit of telling myself that it can't be helped. It's just gone.

This anxiety is surely a worry that I will be alone again and return to my past self. can i do well? )

"Cellar? Are you listening? The soup's going to get cold."

"Ah... I'm sorry Milly. What were we talking about?"

"Wait, was this kid thinking about something? It's about Mr. Rowa."

Setina hurriedly put the soup in front of her in her mouth. Somewhere empty figure.

Miriaria stood on her elbows, supporting her chin with her downed minions as she silently stared at Setina.



"That's right. I also don't have a good pin for life without Sera."

“Yeah, you can suddenly feel the reality. Until yesterday, my head was full of thoughts about the ceremony, but as soon as I finished it, I suddenly realized that what was ahead of me was real. I started doing

"Well, if it's realistic, it still doesn't seem realistic that your best friend is a princess."

Miriaria let out a sigh and jokingly shook her head as if to say goodbye.

"even now?"

"Well, even now. Well, when we met, Sera was an expensive and serious girl, wasn't she?

“It was the same with Milly.

“Mother is a bad person, too. Didn’t you know that if we were roommates, it would definitely become dangerous?”

“Probably…Mother Elea’s decision was made in anticipation of the future…now as well.”

"How about it? If we made a mistake, we would still be in a bad mood."

"Fufu... that's right."

Miriaria lost her family in the Akataka Incident 14 years ago.

She survived alone, and although she was entrusted to someone's house as an adopted child, she grew up to be a problem child, probably because of her trauma or because the times were not right.

Her in-laws, who left her hands behind, abandoned her childcare five years ago, leaving Miriaria here at Villano Convent, where she never appeared again. I don't think it's shown.

She's kind of a mood maker now, but at the time she was in such a bad relationship that she would lash out at me.

"Hey, Sera. Let's go to the courtyard."

"Huh? In the courtyard?"

"It's okay, it's okay!"

We were born, saw, touched, and had completely different personalities.

One day, out of nowhere, I left my mother's treasured memento earrings on the desk in my room.

Her roommate, Milly, must have known it was really important to me.

Nevertheless, when I returned to her room, the fact that Millie was wearing the earring triggered me to hit her cheek and after a big fight, the earring broke. rice field.

I was depressed and shed tears in front of an outsider for the first time.

Others will not be able to understand it.

Even so, maybe because my mother's death triggered my loneliness, for better or worse, it was the only memory I could hold on to the past.

Milly's family left nothing for Milly. Because of the sudden calamity of the red falcon, nothing was left behind.

Maybe she was also attracted to those earrings because of her love-hungry urge, or because I always seem to cherish keepsakes.

Since that day, my relationship with Milly has strangely changed little by little.

Through repeated honesty, sarcasm, and occasional quarrels, they must have naturally noticed each other.

This relationship is exactly what we wanted—

The courtyard of the Villano Monastery.

The yellow sun-like rafter flowers planted in the flower bed are lined up, and they seem to dance comfortably with the breeze while being exposed to the sunlight.

"Sera, close your eyes."

Setina closed her eyes as Milly said.

Along with the signs of Milly approaching, it felt like something had caught her own ear.

"that's enough"

When Setina opened her eyes, there were earrings in her own ears.

Miriaria took Setina's hand, and she handed a light blue teardrop-like earring to Setina's palm.

"Millie... this..."

"It's amazing, isn't it? I finally completed it after you taught me.

Although the material was different from my mother's memento earrings, which were broken in a fight in the past, the shape was exactly the same.

"Hey, put the other one on me."

Setina put the other earring that was handed over to Miriaria's ear.

"Does it suit you?"

"Yeah, it's nice, Milly."

"Thank you. Sera, I think of you as my family. Because we are in different positions and have different ways of meeting each other, we were able to become like family."

"Me too. I'm really glad I got to meet Milly."

"Even if we're apart, even if we can't meet again, that fact won't change. So let's break up with her proud."


The two held out their hands and shook hands.

Whether Miriamia and Setina were brazen or hiding their embarrassment, their expressions were somewhat satisfied despite her forced smile.

A smile that desperately tried to keep tears from spilling on her cheeks.

The sunlight illuminated the two as if to bless their departure.

"Okay, then I'll see you off here."


"There's still a lot to do with greetings, right? Besides, isn't it the coolest thing to say goodbye here?"

"Fufu... Yes, that's right."

“See you soon, Sera.”

While whispering those words, Miriaria walked straight without looking back as she stepped on her feet and passed each other.

"Well then, Miriaria──"

Setina's anxious heart was as clear as the sunlight.

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