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Episode 27: Almeria's bell rings for the obituary 11

In front of the president's office, thin fingertips tapped the wooden door twice with a pleasant sound—


Mother Elea's muffled voice was heard through the door.

"It's Sera."

"Good morning"

When Setina opened the wooden door, Mother Elea was sitting on a chair behind a large desk as usual.

However, there was something unusual-there were two men standing in front of her, facing Mother Elea--their heads were turned in this direction.

It looks like a small breastplate with no luster, as if the silver had rusted. Clothes made of dark blue fabric that is as close to black as possible.

A bird pattern is drawn on the back of the white cloak that is long enough to wrap them, and both of them have the same appearance.

In Vilano Monastery, where there are only people in monastic or school uniforms, it's obvious to anyone that they aren't from here.

In contrast to Setina's gentle expression, who had spent time with Milialia until just now, her eyes, expression, and demeanor changed from Sera to Princess Setina-La-Almeria, as if she had just entered the role of an actor. I walked slowly into the principal's office.

Without seeing Setina like that, the men picked up the helmet that looked like a hat that she was wearing on her head. dropped.

Setina knew them.

She didn't know their names exactly, but she knew where they were—more than anyone else.

"Please raise your head, one more time."


The two men, who had their heads bowed down, lifted their heads down, but they never looked at Setina's face, and looked ahead as if they were staring into the depths of Setina.

Seeing them like that, Setina looked at Mother Elea and she nodded with a calm expression.

And with a sound that no one could hear, Setina took a deep breath and opened her mouth──

"──Your name."

"Ha, I'm Bommie, belonging to the 2nd Military Police of the Kingdom of Almeria."

"Oh, I'm Zayak, who also belongs to the 2nd Military Police of the Kingdom of Almeria."

Yes, they are soldiers from Almeria's royal capital who have come to meet Setina here at Vilano Monastery.

There were many people in Almeria's royal castle, where she lived until two years ago, who wore weapons like them, and it can be said that Setina was the one who saw her the most.

“I am Setina-la-Almeria, the son of the current King of Almeria Mathers. I call myself Sera here.

"── Huh? No, but..."

"Although this Vilano Monastery is within Almeria's territory, it is out of the reach of the king's authority due to the alliance between the Almeria royal family and the Festian Church. Besides, until I leave here, I am a student Sera, not Princess Setina."


Setina's unexpected words.

Looking at the two who were at a loss as to how to respond, Mother Elea spoke to them from behind.

"Both of you. Isn't it a little bad to refuse a lady's offer twice?"

Bommie, whose expression didn't change, looked straight ahead at him—and then looked further down to the floor.

Zayak, who had been watching Bommie from the side, also stood up and looked at Setina's face for the first time.

"...Please excuse my rudeness."

"No, this is me. I want to be a student Sera until the time I leave here, so I'm a little selfish."

"Understood, then I will take responsibility for Seti... even if I change Sera-sama into this body, I will serve as her escort to the royal capital."

"Thank you for your consideration."

Bommy, who was so big that his eyebrows were about to wrinkle at any moment, replied with a serious expression.

On the other hand, Zayak, who is a little smaller than Bommie and looks slightly more plump than Bommie, seems to be nervous in front of the princess and seems to be a little restless, leaving all the interactions with Setina to Bommie. .

“It’s quick, but could I talk a little bit about the way back to the royal capital?”

"Well, I have something to talk about before the journey, so why don't you all use it?"

Mother Elea thoughtfully guided Bommy and the others to the sofa──


“──Are you in the south?”

Closing her legs, placing her hands on her knees, Setina sat upright and asked.

"Ha ──"

Bommie continued while pointing at the map of Almeria on the table.

"Originally, when going from here to the capital of Almeria in the east from here Vilano Monastery, we would have to bypass the northern highway, but the northern highway is currently being blocked urgently."

"Emergency blockade?"

"Yes. According to the information I got into the royal capital, it's information that the road has become a warning area due to the appearance of bounty demon beasts and falling rocks."

"Does that mean that the information is still uncertain even in the royal capital?"

“Ha ─ ─ including that, as a result of considering taking care of it just in case, from the south route ── is the order.”

Mother Elea opened her mouth as she returned the teacup of pitu tea to the table.

“If you travel from the south through Urji Forest and via Horn, it will be a long detour, won’t it? Isn’t it something you can reach in a few days?”

“…As Bishop-sama said, it would be too long a journey to follow the southern land route to Almeria capital.

Bommie moved his finger slightly to the left from the south of Vilano Abbey on the map—the Urge Forest—to point to the landward river bank.

"If you go east through the Uruji Forest in the south, you'll find a river bank. The ship we've been on is anchored there."

"I see, so it's a waterway."

"Yeah, I thought there would be no problem if we could meet up with the ship's escorts. But--"

“Are you in Uruji Forest?”

"Yes. In order to join the ship, we will pass through the forest of Uruji, where there are not a few magical beasts. However, there are only two escorts, me and Zayak. I passed by, but none of the magic beasts that appeared in Urji Forest were that threatening.

"It's a consideration for the covenant. When I visited this Vilano monastery two years ago, many escorts and carts came to the vicinity, but from there there were two guards as well. However, I've been to Urji Forest many times during field trips at the monastery, so it's not a problem.

While saying those words, with a blank expression that didn't know if she was joking or if she was joking, Setina closed her eyes and put Pitou tea in her mouth as if to savor it.

Bommie and Zayak were looking at Setina with her mouth open as if to ask what she was saying.

(Hey Bommie... are you serious?)

(──Shut up)

"...Then we have no chance. We will do our best to protect you."

"Yeah, it's a short journey, but thank you for your support—Bommy-san, Zayak-san."


Bommie and Zayak held their right hands in front of their faces as if holding swords, and their left hands behind their hips in a salute.

"Mr. Bommie, Mr. Zayak, could you please wait outside the room for a moment?"

"Huh... then we'll be waiting outside."

Setina watched as Bommie and the others left the president's office.

"Fufu, you were surprised."

"Have you played around a little too much?"

"It's fine. Balance is important in things. It's fine if you say a little unreasonably. Just like that, slowly expand your new self one step at a time."

"Yes, Mother Elea... then this is me. Thank you for taking care of me for two years."

"Yeah, you're fine too. See you again at some ceremony."

"Yes, I'm sure—"

Setina bowed to Mother Elea, and she stood in front of the door leading to the corridor.

She tried to grasp the doorknob to open the door, but she hesitated to let her sentiment reach her own hand.

This door is the end and the beginning.

As if to check the nerves in her fingers, she slowly opened and closed her fingertips in front of the doorknob, and her hand turned the doorknob.

Mother Elea calmly watched as Setina left her room──

"I've kept you waiting, so let's go. To the royal capital──"

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