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Episode 28: Almeria's bell rings for the obituary 12

Uruji Forest──

A forest road that connects Villano Monastery and Horn village in the south.

Even though it's a highway, it's not a leveled road that connects towns, but a dirt part with few weeds is called a road.

Normally, forests and plants should be green, but the leaves on the branches of the trees were not green, but strangely illuminated with a deep blue like the deep sea.

The sunlight filtering through the green leaves reflects off the moss on the trees and soil, giving the whole forest a deep blue color.

Among botanists, it is a recent story that the moss attached to the cyan tree called "Bruttorial moss" refracts etheric light. be.

Cyan wood is never used as a building material due to its property of collecting moss, and the Uruji forest has not been cut down over time, leaving only dirt roads like animal trails for humans to pass through. in the process of.

Perhaps because of this, you can see many small animals in harmony with nature.

A small, palm-sized animal stuffing its cheeks with small flower seeds one after another twitched its curled ears and stopped its tiny hand.

The small animal must have sensed something, and began to run gallantly on four legs among the plants.

Setina and the others were walking on the dirt road as if they passed each other through the trees with the small animals.

With wrinkles on his brows, Bommie is still leading the way.

Despite being forced to walk on such a dirt road, Princess Setina didn't change her complexion and didn't utter a single word.

Perhaps because she was so different from the image she had imagined of her being a princess, she looked somewhat apologetically at the back of her head and looked around—that gesture was repeated, and somewhere Zayak was nervous. It seemed to be.

Even though he knew in his head that it would be rude for a guard to talk to a member of the royal family for no reason, Zayak's mouth opened, perhaps out of concern.

"I-I'm sorry Setina-sama. To walk on a land that can't be called a road like this..."

"No. As I said earlier, I have visited this forest of Urji many times during extracurricular classes at the monastery."

"I see..."

A conversation that ended with just one word. The sounds of forest animals and plants. And then the sound of the three people walking again and again, making Zayak even more uncomfortable.

"It doesn't have to be so polite."

Zayak, who was looking down, opened his eyes wide.

“Even if by any chance, there is a mistake in your behavior, I do not have the discretion to go out of my way to condemn such a thing.”

Zayak felt like he could see inside his own belly.

"'re so kind..."

Once again Zayak spoke before thought.

Seemingly interested in what Zayak said casually, Setina slightly opened her mouth while looking behind her.


“Ah, no!


"S-Sorry Bommie! It's not!"

"Be quiet. Something's coming."

"Eh ──"

In the direction of travel, the sound of flies seems to be approaching from the front of Bommie's gaze.

The monster that appeared from beyond the dim vision of the trees was an insect monster about the size of a juvenile human.

It has a long, round body that looks like it has a borderline unique to insects, compound eyes that look like black spheres attached to the top, and six elongated limbs.

Semi-transparent and thin patterned feathers fluttered in small increments, as if it could freely control its body in the air.

"Mount Fly!"

There are 3 demonic beast mount flies──

At the same time that Zayak politely called out the name of the magic beast, Bommie, who was in the forefront, pulled out his sword from his waist while facing the front.

When Bommie raised her sword, he tried to make Setina back down for her safety.

"Setina-sama, hand-me-down--"

At that moment, something quickly passed by Bommie.


Bommie's expression on the top of her face opened her eyes wide, as if she had been taken aback.

When Bommie looked back with his head instead of just a light glance, Setina, who should have been there, was not there, only Zayak looking up far ahead with her mouth wide open.

When Bommie frantically looked ahead to see what Zayak was looking at, there was Setina flying with a rapier in hand, twisting her body, and about to launch an attack.

The thin point of the sword cut into the base of the wing as if to separate the wings from the body of the Mountfly――

As Setina landed, one Mountfly's torso fell to the ground.

She then switched the rapier to her reverse hand and pierced the middle of her torso with the point of the rapier as if it was thrusting into the ground.

The pierced mount fly twitched and died, and then disappeared like a black mist as if it had exploded.

Immediately after picking up the rapier from her reverse hand, Setina twisted her body again.

If there was a sport called baseball in this world, it would be like the form just before hitting the ball with only the right hand in the batter's box.

Light blue ethereal light converges on her right hand holding her rapier.

Water (Mist) ── Decrease (Furi) ──

Swinging her rapier sideways and slicing through the air, Setina unleashed the etheric magic 'Ice' to transmit the etheric phenomenon to her sword.

It was a glistening bluish-white ethereal ice mist that was released as if it was shaking from side to side while firing a water gun. Diffused ice fog fell on the remaining two Mountfly.

At that moment when Mountfly's body was covered with frost-like ice and its wings were caught in it, it was about to fall――

Bommie and Zayak ran through Setina from behind her, Bommie slashing with her sword, and Zayak piercing Mountfly with his spear for the finishing blow.

The demon beasts became a black mist and disappeared.

──Setina closed her eyes and put the rapier on her waist, just like her usual habit, as if to say that she was relieved.


Bommie and Zayak walk up to Setina from the front.

But now that things were over, Setina calmed down, realizing that it wasn't a good thing for her to rush ahead of her, and she was at a loss for words.

"Ah... er... I'm sorry. Unintentionally—"

Bommie and Zayak opened their mouths dumbfoundedly, perhaps because they were surprised by the words that came out of Setina, or because they seemed to laugh a little.

"Err... Setina-sama? I have a question... What did you do in the extracurricular class at the monastery...?"


“An accurate response to Mountfly.


(That's right. It's true that I went into the forest during an extracurricular class. But in class, the monks acted in groups, and the teachers dealt with the monsters. I've never fought a magic beast--in class.Actually, I've been with Miliaria, and I've fought in the forest a few times when I escaped from the monastery.But to tell the truth, I don't have the dignity of a princess. There is also the possibility of being rumored ──)

“──The extracurricular class was part of studying plants, so this was my first time fighting. I was embarrassed to say that my body had just completed the ceremony of the Honda Hitoshi.

"I see..."

“I understand.

"Yeah, I understand--then let's hurry."

(That's right. I've been to this Uruji Forest many times. That's why I knew what kind of creatures there were and what kind of magical beasts. Perhaps from that experience, I was confident that there would be no danger on the way home. But today, the path I should take has changed greatly this day.)

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