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Episode 9 "Rumors of the Old Sargon Base 5"

Former Sargon forward base──

A front-line base that once existed further west than the city of Sargon in the western part of the Odon territory.

The former Sargon base was destroyed by the Red Hawk Incident 14 years ago and is an abandoned land.

The central part of the building, which was built up of stone and brick, remains, but the interior of the building is exposed as if everything from the ceiling of the first floor to the top was cut off.

Ruins of buildings that seemed to have been destroyed by a huge force, building materials of rubble scattered here and there, it was cold and damp because it was close to the sea, and the fog made my vision narrower than usual.

Alf, who arrived alone at the old Sargon base as a preliminary reconnaissance, was thinking.

(The information we have now is ``Rumors that a monster appears'' and ``Five missing guards''... If you think about it properly, it's a line that they were attacked by a monster.

The priority is to rescue the guards... Don't make loud noises... wait? If the guard's communication device is safe, it may react if the wavelength matches.)

Alf took out the communicator, and while holding it in his hand without putting it to his ear, he activated the communicator with Airi (wind).

Each communicator has a different wind frequency, so he listens while slowly adjusting Airi's frequency.




I thought I heard a slight noise coming from the other side of the wall, which was unexpectedly close to me.

Alf readied his sword just in case, approached the wall slowly, and when he checked the depths of the wall, he found a bloody and wounded security guard.


He hurriedly took out a healing potion and tried to make the guard drink it, but he died as if the soul of the guard had disappeared.

"Damn...if it's a little earlier..."

Alf was shaken for a moment by the death of a person in front of him. ……But I immediately took a deep breath and tried to keep my composure.

This is because he has been taught by Jin to be sour, "No matter what happens, don't be hasty."

He briefly saluted with his one arm and prayed for the soldier's soul.

From the wounds of the soldiers, he felt the tension in the atmosphere of the former Sargon base, even as he considered the identity of the so-called monster.


I set it up quickly.

A man walks from the direction of the sound of tree branches breaking.

“Alf-san…is it?”

In front of him stood a young man with yellow hair and an adventurer's look.


"Excuse me. I'm Michael Farens, a member of the Central Volanger Guard, dispatched from the headquarters."

"... Odon Empire's 4th Independent Special Forces "Flag" Alfred Hawkman."

When Alf called himself that, the man who called himself Michael quietly looked at Alf in amazement.


"Ah... no, I'm sorry.

You look younger than I expected... Ah, sorry, I don't mean it in a negative way.

I'm sorry if I offended you."

"No, don't worry about it. Why is the central part of Sargon's emergency mission?"

“There were various circumstances… even if it was on the road.

I will see with my own eyes the power of the rumored Flag Squad."

“Thank you very much, Mr. Michael.”

"Even so... he's..."

"Yeah, just looking at the wound, it looks like it was hit by a demonic beast."

After taking a quick look at the corpse, Michael stood up and quietly looked around.

"Do you feel it too, Michael?"

"Yeah... there's a strange sense of incongruity. Or rather, is it correct to say that nothing is too unnatural?"

(That's right... I wonder... this feeling. I feel like I've experienced this kind of feeling before...)

“Anyway, there may still be survivors.


An atmosphere that only people who have been on the battlefield can understand. It feels uncomfortable when it's too quiet, and sometimes escapes danger.

Alf doesn't have enough experience yet to detect that clearly, but anyone would find it eerie that it's so quiet despite the fact that there's a big danger.

Judging from the wounds on the corpse they saw earlier, the two thought that it was almost certainly the line of a magic beast.

According to information from Aki, there are five platoons of guards who have come to scout.

In order to find all the guards, the two went around looking for the remaining four guards.

While exploring the grounds of the base, Alf suddenly glanced sideways at Michael.

He had heard reinforcements were coming from headquarters, but Alf didn't expect Michael alone.

Why is the empire so understaffed? Is there a reason why you can't move again?

“Why am I the only one?

Alf answers Michael's question honestly.

“No, I agree with you about the central part.”

"... if you don't mind, can I ask you about that consideration?"

"The fact that it is a bodyguard, not a guard, means that I have come to Sargon from the central part of the country to protect dignitaries.

Our captain said that there were other guests coming last night, so I think that person is probably appropriate.

As a token of gratitude for borrowing the captain, I moved Michael-san, who can be dispatched immediately by omitting the chain of command... what kind of place is that? ”

Michael opened his mouth and quietly looked at Alf.

“Are you thinking differently?”

"Ah, no... it's the other way around. The reading is accurate.

As expected of the Flag Squad led by Jin-dono……I was impressed.”

Saying that, Michael took out a stick-shaped weapon.

It has a handle in the middle, and enchanted enchantment-like patterns are carved on both ends.

“Also, I myself am lacking in dexterity between avant-garde, treatment, and logistical support… I’m pretty good at getting along with anyone.”

"Cure? And the magic of light (ray)?"

"Yes, so Alf-san seems to be in the vanguard, and in the unlikely event of a fight, he will take the position of follow-up."

"I'll help you... ah..."

Pieces of meat believed to have belonged to the guards were scattered across the aisle leading to the central building.

Two bloodstains on the ground and walls as if a bucketful of paint had been slammed into the ground and walls.

The question is "when" did this happen.

Alf and the others gave a simple salute and continued searching.

While talking to each other and confirming the cooperation in an emergency, Alf and the others entered the locked building in the center of the old base.

Blurred light shines through the cracked walls here and there, and it seems that visibility is secured, but Alf used a light instead of a burning tree torch.

When I was searching the basement of the base with nothing in particular on the 1st and 2nd floors──

"Ah, who are you?"

A trembling voice was heard from the depths of the dungeon.

"I'm glad... you were safe. I'm Alfred from the Flag Squad.

We have been dispatched as an advance search party due to an emergency request from HQ."

"Ha...haha...are you saved..."

Whether he was injured or scared, the guard staggered because he couldn't get up.

Alf reached out and helped the guards.

"I'm sorry... I'm late in introducing myself. I'm Odon Western Guard Collins-Peth."

"Are you alone?"

"I don't know about one person... after all, we got separated before we met "that guy"...

The rest of the guys are probably all about him..."

The guy that Guard Collins said is probably the true identity of the monster.

“By the way, did you two come all this way alone? Wasn’t he here?”

"No... I didn't see any traces of the magic beast that Mr. Collins said."

"Wha... what's going on...?"

"I can't deny the possibility that he's no longer here..."

"I see...! Then now might be my chance to escape...!"

(Is that really true...? I feel a strange atmosphere from the whole base...)

"Either way, it's better to be cautious. Let's escape from here while being cautious."

"I understand. Please take care of me, Mr. Alf."

The three headed for the entrance of the base to get out.

However, the more he went to the entrance, the more Alf's thoughts were pulled by a sense of incongruity.

(That's right... this tension... silence... this feeling... somewhere before)

"... Mr. Alf? What's wrong?"

"Ah, no... let's hurry up."

(That's right... this feeling is... before...)

The three of them opened the entrance door and went outside—

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