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Theo-Bomann & Nyabo


  • age: 15

  • Favorite food: slime juice

  • Hobbies: Excavating and decomposing etheric power

  • Birthplace: Kingdom of Almeria

  • Weapon of Choice: Spanner Nyabo

[Dr. Stellatte?

Are you my grandpa? ]

The grandson of Dr. Stellat Bowman, who is known as the foremost person in discovering etheric power.

His parents passed away in an accident, and he grew up watching Stellat work as a substitute for his parents.


With the introduction of Dr. Stellat, I asked the bounty hunter Amelia to escort me to the Tortoise Ruins for a reward of escort fee + ether gun maintenance.


Nyabo, Theo's partner robot, is a combination of a body and an improved NB intelligence system core excavated by Bowman.

Nyabo's original name was N=Nano E=Ether B=Build O=Operation and was commonly known as Nebo "NEBO", but Teo in his childhood kept calling NEBO wrongly as Nyabo, and before he knew it, it became NYABO.

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